World Rookie Ranking

Snowboard Ranking

Snowboard World Rookie Rank is a World Snowboard Tour based ranking, developed as an entry criteria for the World Rookie Finals and as a base for National Rookie Ranks. During the World Rookie Tour, every event assigned valuable points for both the World Snowboard Tour and World Rookie Rank on a regional – national – and international level. The featured events are usually freestyle rookie 1star competitions organized by local clubs or national snowboard associations, but also the rookie categories at national snowboard contests assign points for the World Rookie Rank. In addition to regional and national events, the World Snowboard Federation, in association with some of the best snowboard organizers in the world, organizes World Rookie Tour stops at regional, national, and international level base.

The average of the best 3 results generated the overall rider’s points in the World Rookie Rank and World Grom Rank used as one of the qualification criteria for the World Rookie Snowboard Finals.

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