Skateboarding Contest Unites: World Rookie Tour and North German Championship

Skateboarders from all around gathered for an exhilarating event as the “World Rookie Tour” and the “North German Championship” joined forces to create a thrilling contest!

While skateboarders up to the age of 19 were eligible to receive rankings for both competitions, older participants were only considered for the North German Championship. The contest not only determined the winners but also offered exciting opportunities for further advancement.

Taking place at the renowned Allerfornia Skatepark, operated by the esteemed TSG Bergedorf, the event attracted an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 200 spectators. The energy was palpable as skateboarding enthusiasts eagerly awaited the impressive displays of skill and talent that were about to unfold.

Allerfornia Beachclub, located adjacent to the skatepark, catered to the needs of the attendees, ensuring they were well-refreshed and fueled. With a range of beverages and delectable grilled food available, the spectators had all they needed to enjoy the thrilling competition.

The contest featured both qualifying rounds and a gripping finale. Each participant had two runs, lasting 60 seconds each, followed by the highly anticipated five best trick attempts. Throughout the competition, the skateboarders pushed the boundaries of what is possible, showcasing their creativity, technical prowess, and unique style.

In the overall rankings, Pasquale Zollino emerged as the top performer in the North German Championship, impressing the judges with his exceptional skills. As an older participant, Zollino’s performance solely contributed to his success in the North German Championship. His outstanding consistency and ability to execute remarkable tricks under pressure earned him well-deserved recognition.

In the under 19 category, Claudio Magno shone as a rising star, showcasing remarkable talent and earning the admiration of both fellow competitors and spectators. His impressive tricks, executed with precision and flair, secured him the first-place position among his peers.

The women’s category witnessed fierce competition, with Lisa Lomakin emerging as the standout performer. Her technical prowess, style, and ability to land difficult tricks consistently set her apart from the other female participants, earning her the title of the best female skateboarder in the contest.

In addition to the overall rankings, the contest also provided opportunities for further advancement. The top 10 participants in the North German Championship qualified for the finale—the German Championship—in Leipzig. This highly anticipated event would determine the ultimate national champion among the best skateboarders in the country.

Furthermore, the contest identified the top three performers in two age categories—16 and above, and 15 and below—as well as the best three female skateboarders. These talented individuals secured coveted spots in the World Rookie Tour Final in Prague. Representing their respective age groups and gender, they would compete against the finest young skateboarders on an international stage.

The event was a resounding success, highlighting the passion, dedication, and remarkable talent within the skateboarding community. As the winners celebrated their victories and the crowd erupted in applause, the atmosphere reflected the camaraderie and support that define the skateboarding culture.

The combination of the World Rookie Tour and the North German Championship provided an exciting and competitive environment, allowing participants to showcase their skills and progress further in their skateboarding journey. From the local level to national and international stages, this contest exemplified the vibrant and thriving skateboarding community.


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