Maramureș Rookie Fest Celebrates Success

Maramureș Rookie Fest Celebrates Success with Telegondola Borșa as a Proud Sponsor

Borsa, February 1-4, 2024 – The grand finale of Maramureș Rookie Fest, a pivotal stage in the renowned World Rookie Tour, concluded with resounding success. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Borsa, the event showcased ideal conditions despite minor weather challenges, with fog adding an extra layer of intensity to the finals.

The Groms category (boys snowboard under 15) saw fierce competition, featuring six riders from the top 10 globally, with notable performances securing the first, second, third, and fifth positions.

Maramureș Rookie Fest
Grom Podium: 1st place Lemark Niko (SLO) , 2nd place Nawarkiewicz Gustav (POL) and 3rd place Lebedev Maxim (CZ)

In the Rookies category, competitors from the top three globally, including an Olympian from Korea, elevated the event to extraordinary heights.

Maramureș Rookie Fest
Rookie Podium: 1st place Stastny Oliver (CZE),  2nd place Ilut Patric (ROU) and 3rd place Kuhnert Nico (AUT)
Maramureș Rookie Fest
Girl Podium: 1st place Zvadora Sara (CZE), 2nd place Gorcsosova Ella (SVK) and  3rd place Zvadora Viktorie (CZE)

Crucial support from Telegondola Borsa and Mayor Timis played a pivotal role in the event’s triumph, turning it into a captivating spectacle. The warm hospitality of Maramureș left a lasting impression on participants, showcasing Romania’s potential on the international snowboarding stage.

The event received extensive coverage through a live broadcast by AndreiMusicTV, reaffirming its status as a highly publicized competition, organized by ACS Extreme Rivulus.

Urban Monkey joins our esteemed sponsors, including Capture Heroes (GoPro Romania), Umanshop, Blue Tomato, TSG, Voelkl, Red Bull and others, in contributing to the success of Maramureș Rookie Fest.

With a commitment to excellence, the event not only celebrated the podium winners but also marked a significant premiere at the base of the slope, accompanied by a lively party atmosphere and a jibbing contest.

The competition’s international allure was evident as participants from nine countries showcased a high level of riding. The event’s success has solidified an agreement with the city of Borsa and Telegondola Borsa to construct two snowparks for the upcoming year, promising an even more thrilling spectacle.

As we express our gratitude to all participants, we present the current point standings for our ranking. Rider participation from nine nations with exceptional riding skills has set the stage for a return to Maramureș, especially with the promise of two new snowparks in collaboration with Borsa and Telegondola.

Stay tuned for the real spectacle at Borsa!

Download here the complete results