Valentino Guseli sets new world record for highest Hip Air at Swatch Nines

A week of nonstop ski and snowboard action at Schilthorn, Switzerland has concluded with Valentino Guseli, the World Rookie Tour Grom Slopestyle Champion 2019, soaring to new heights and setting a remarkable snow sports record. On a “Perfect Hip” built with the express mission of sending riders sky-high safely, Guseli, with his exceptional skill and daring, established a new highest-air world record.

valentino guseli

Valentino Guseli (AUS, SNB) flew to a height of 11.5 meters (37.7 feet), topping Christian Haller’s record of 11.3 meters (37.1 feet), also from 2016.

“I was just going as big as I could,” said Guseli. “I’d say it’s the biggest hip I ever hit. And the thing that’s gnarly about it is, when you first hit it, you already have to go big.”

The three new world records, including Valentino Guseli’s remarkable achievement, alongside Kim Gubser on skis and Brooke D’Hondt on a snowboard, are among the highlights of a weeklong session that saw a crew of 40 invited riders from 13 different countries tackle a custom course of features beyond the Perfect Hip.

valentino guseli

The mission of Swatch Nines is to provide a platform for athletes to express their creativity and push their limits in a safe and non-competitive environment. The fact that we’re able to break records like these shows that we’re doing something right. I can’t believe what the athletes were able to achieve on this setup. It’s the most gratifying thing to see something that you’ve been planning for so long finally come to fruition and exceed all your expectations.” – Nico Zacek, founder of Swatch Nines