WSF Rookies at TAC06

After the World Rookie Fest in Asia and Italy, some WSF Rookie were admitted at one of the most famous and respected snowboard competition of the world: the Artic Challange, Oslo (Norwa) organized by Terje Haakonsen.

TAC06 Quarter Pipe

Manuel and Ruiki in action

Ruiki Masuda and Rikuya Narita from Japan, Manuel Pietropoli from Italy, Ulrik Badertscher from Norway and Christian Haller from Switzerland joined the TAC06 after competiting in world rookie fests 2005 and 2006. They had fun and join an international competition with many snowboard stars present, progressing their level of riding and introducing themselves in the professional world of snowboarding.

Manuel at Kronsberg Session

TAC 2006 edition was arranged in Oslo, Norway, and consist of a huge quarter pipe competition at the ski jump stadium Holmelkollen, followed by a freeride trip reserved to the best riders of the event. During the event were arranged also a free day of riding in the resort of Konsberg and a very nice urban photo contest in Oslo.

Manuel and Ruiki during the photo contest

Unfortunatly Manuel was injured in the training day. The other compete in the city photo contest and in the quarter pipe, expressing their riding level togheter with the pros.

WSF Rookies

Txt: Marco SampaoliPics: Marco Sampaoli and Gianluca “Jimmi” Zanetti

Terje Haakonsen, organizer of the Arctic Challange