Yannick Sleeckx (Bel)

Yannick is a top rookie from belgium team, really talented in pipe and with a nice selection of trick in the slope style!

Name: Yannick Sleeckx
Nick name: sleks
Date of Birth:18/05/1990
Nationality: Belgian
Sponsor: capita,spy,union,protest,noordzee shop, 32 boots
Stance: goofy
Favorite trick: cab 7 , underflp 540 , front rodeo
Highest ranking: 1 ste place austrian masters
Favorite Spot: livigno,les 2 alpes , kuthai , laax
Favorite food&drink: fastfood , beer
Best Music: punk
Best Artist: peter and the test tube babies, the nipples
Best Movie: Private in between
The event of your dream: somthing that chill is
Hero of all times: all my friends
Slogan: go big are go home
Future Projects: just boarding and surfing