WSF GA 2007, Prague, Czek Rep

Delegates from 15 nations meet in Prague this june to discuss about last season activities and future project of the WSF. The meeting was very good and result in news ideas and new nations involved.

Gunnar Tveit, WSF President, present the GA program

Austria, Canada, Czech, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraina, USA and Turkey were rappresented at WSF General Assembly in Prauge. Also the whole commeettee were present (electing, education, female, adaptive and rookie fest/event) allowing a great sharing of ideas and opportunity to explain to everybody the future directions in every areas with presentation, working groups and open discussions. Whoever want to join a commeette and offer his assistence to the development of snowboard was always welcomed.

Ishi (JPN) and Remì Forsans(FRA) – Libor (CZK) previous WSF president.

The board of directors and the president Mr Gunnar Tveit, reported on main WSF activities from 2006.07: the organization is growing fast and healty, in the respect of the program setted years ago and of the long term strategy.

Fred Mertl (USA) step down from the Board of Direction and his place was assigned to Danny Boutain (Canada) who joined the other boards for the next seasons: Gunnar Tveit (Norway), Shinzo Tanuma (Japan), Remì Forsan (France), Alexey Yanvarev (Russia) and Marco Sampaoli (Ialy).

Stian (NOR) during the instruction program presentation – Marjanna Lappi (NOR)for the WSF Female Commeette

27 nation are now part of the WSF network and other are next to join. More than 2000 riders from WSF events (81 events in 12 nation) were included in the TTR world tour and ranks while hundreds of competition were organized at regional or national level assigning point only for the national tour. 45.000 is estimnation of the total member of WSF.

From the competition point of view was presented the idea of a WSF Adaptive World Cup 2008, first of ever world event dedicated to disable riders and a big step to push the snowboard inclusion in winter paralympics. Was annouced the World Rookie Tour 2008 with rookie event of 4 different level hitting 3 continental areas: seems that every nation is motivated to organize rookie events and regional, national, international and world final level are now setted with specific guidelines for each one. A WSF Girls Tour 2008 was discussed too and will be soon announced. The female commeette was presented as one of the new issue for the nation and of course all the girls and female delegates at GA immediatly joined it.

Tom McIllfaterick (Canadian Chief Executive Director) and Deniz Sahin (Turk Snowboard Organization President).

New memebers Latvia, Ucraina, Turkey, Netherland presented themselves and also Canada provide a short update about its new activities introduced for Vancouver 2010. Alex Dorr from Germany provide several interesting feedback about the ranks possibility and management.

Another good meeting in Prague for WSF delegates! Thank you Libor!

Also EuroSIMA was presented introducing his role in the snowboard business, the relation with WSF and the concept of the Snowboard D Day 2007 inviting every nation to join this celebration of the snowboard. Of course, as established in the snowboard tradition, a couple of parties were setted but this is another story…

Txt&Pics by Marco Sampaoli