Rookie Invasion in Livigno: day 1 and 2

Protest World Rookie Fest is on: extremely high level of riding in one of the best european park. Tons of action was done and qualifications conpleted with a ducth dominations against the huge scandica attack to Livigno. Finals post poned to tomorrow for a huge snow fall.

Livigno, Italy
January 19, 2009

Sondre Tiller from Noway

90 rookies enjoy yesterday the Swatch Snowpark Mottolino in Livigno for the Protest World Rookie Fest 2009. The set up for this 3star slope style for under 18 years riders included 3 different lines including 3 huge jump with table tops about 20m long: simply amazing. During the cloudy sunday’s training the participants showed already an high level of riding: the norwegian Staale Sandbach, Dimi de Jong from Nederlands, Teddy Koo from Japan and Nuutti Niemela already impressed killing the pro line with sick runs including rotations 7 and 9.

Tom Goossens from Belgium Team

Among the girls Alicia Bonnaud from France seemed the most solid on the large line. At 12.00 a.m. winds come up stopping the trainings on the jumps so the rookis arrange a rail session on the first obstacle of the slope: a huge 25 stairs with straigh and kinked rails.

The biggest park of the Alps for the best Rookies in the world

On Monday 20th january is planned the qualification day with 2 run per rider, while tuersday 21st will see the best 16 male rookies, 8 male groms and 8 girls challenging for tickets to Aesthetiker Wangle Tangle Gang Jam in Mayerofhen, Protest World Rookie Finals in Ischlg and Protest Surf Camp in Hossegor and valuable TTR points.

Staale Sandbach waiting for his run

Livigno, Italy
January 20, 2009

Rocco Van Stratten from Nederlans in bs10 on a 22m jump

Swatch Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno saw one of the best qualification ever seen in a World Rookie Fest. The scandic riders were all extremely good conquering 12 of the 16 spot for the rookie finals, but the ducthes Rocco Van Stratten and Dimi De Jong resulted the best in both Rookie and Grom qualifications. Rocco hitted the pro line with an amazing run including of bs9, cab9 and bs10, while Dimi killed the large line with a progression from 720 to 1080 resulting the best Grom with the 2nd overall score of the quali.

Staale Sandbach in action

Alicia Bonnaud from France resulted the best among the girls. Protest just announce that a 300€ vaucher for travel costs will be offered to the winners of the 6 Protest Surf Camp in France increasing the prize money value of the event of 1.800€.

Dimi de Jong easy won the grom qualifications

Even if the finalist are defined, a huge snowfall attacked Livigno starting from monday evening and the finals planned for tuesday 20th january are post poned to the reserve day … the whole Protest World Rookie Fest crew will focus today program on powder: with almost 100 rookies here it will be finish quickly!

Is this kicker big enough?

Qualification Results at Protest World Rookie Fest
Boys Rookie
1 – Rocco van Stratten (NED)
2 – Aleksander Oestreng Mihailovic (NOR)
3 – Nuuti Niemela (FIN)
4 – Tiller Sondre Fossum (NOR)
5 – Even Solbraa (NOR)
6 – Anton Bilare (SWE)
7 – Zebastian Landmark (SWE)
8 – Kevin Backstrom (SWE)
9 – Teddy Koo (JPN)
10 – Tor Ulm Lundstrom (SWE)
11 – Niklas Mattson (SWE)
12 – Morten Kleivdal Skogheim (NOR)
13 – Darek Bergam (CZE)
13 – Roope Tonteri (FIN)
15 – Ruggero Naccari (ITA)
16 – Staale Sandbech (NOR)

Boys Grom
1 – Dimi De Jong (NED)
2 – Thomas Hunt (GBR)
3 – Marco Grigis (ITA)
4 – Leandro Eigensatz (SUI)
5 – Benjamin Lastage-Konig (SWE)
6 – Lewis Courtier Jones (GBR)
7 – Martin Mikyska (CZE)
8 – Tobias Oberg (SWE)

All girs are admited to the finals.

Follow the event with daily videos on starting from monday 20th evening.

Pictures by Raggi Eleonora