Spicy North Face Korean Rookie Fest 09

Phoenix Park hosted the asian stop of the World Rookie Tour presenting an high quality snowpark and cultural features only Korea can offer. The set up included 3 table top with jumps from 6 to 15 meters and a wall ride where riders from Korea, Japan and Austria challenged for 2 ticket to the Protest World Rookie Final 2009 in Ischgl, Austria.

Phoenix Park freestyle area set up

The event consisted of a jam session in Phoenix Park Snowpark, the finest Korean freestyle terrain. The austrian Paul Dreher show his best tricks since the very first run with bs5-cab5-bs9 progression obtaining the third place. Yuki Motoki from Japan got second with a clean run including cab5-bs7-fs7 while the champion of the first ever rookie fest in Korea is the japanese Teddy Koo with a sick progression with cab5-bs7-fs10 conquering the first place and an all inclusive trip to Ischgl for the rookie finals, including flight cost. Teddy is one of the best talent in the World Rookie Tour and, securing his partecipation to the final in Ischgl, he is now in the top of the list to challenge for the World Rookie Champion title. Among the grom (born after january 1st 1994) the best resulted the korean Kim Soliam with rotation 360 and 540 on the jumps and a good style on the wall ride too.

Teddy Koo continue to rock in the World Rookie Tour 2009

On the wall ride session Yuki Motoky won the best trick contest with a super stylish hand plan. The event close with an extremely spicy korean dinner to celebrate the riders of the first Swatch TTR 2 star “North Face Korean Rookie Fest”, the only asian stop of the World Rookie Tour 2009. Stay tuned for the upcomin 2star slope style “Protest Balkan Rookie Fest” in Kopaonik, another groundbreaking event from the World Rookie Tour: the first ever Swatch TTR competition in Serbia.

Podcast from Korean event will follow in few days and will be avaible on www.freecaster.tv

North Face Korean Rookie Fest – Top 3 Riders
1. Teddy Koo (JPN)
2. Yuki Motoki (JPN)
3. Paul Dreher (AUT)
Best Grom: Kim Soliam (KOR)

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Pics by Gian Luca “Jimmi” Zanetti

Info & Media Request
Marco Sampaoli (WSF)
Mobile: +39.340.3285569

Next International Rookie Fest heats:
Protest Balkan Rookie Fest – Kopaonik, Serbia – 2Star – 20.22 february 09
Protest East Rookie Fest – Splinderuv Mlyn, Czech Republic – 2Star – 6.8 march 09
Protest World Rookie Finals – Ischgl, Austria – 4Star – 15.19 april 09
For 1star and 2star regional/national rookie contests check www.worldsnowboardfederation.org

Only the best rookies in the world will be granted access to the World Rookie Tour big final: the Swatch TTR 4Star “Protest World Rookie Finals” in Ischgl, Austria, from April 15 to April 19, 2009. Only the winners of the previous qualifiers will be able to go to Ischgl, together with the best athletes of the World Rookie Rank on April 5, and the wild cards that single nations give to their most promising rookies. The World Rookie Rank is a classification for under 18’s only and it is developed by the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) in collaboration with TTR. At the end of the World Rookie Tour, the final winner will be awarded with the title of World Rookie Champion. He will be offered a unique opportunity to enter the world of professional snowboarding: an invitation to a Video Shooting with the Pirate Movie Production, a Photo Shooting by On Board Europe and an invitation to an event which is still kept secret are awaiting the winner.

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