Event Application Information for 2009.10

The new season is coming soon in some parts of the snowboard world and the first calendar will be launched in short time. The new season is coming soon in some parts of the snowboard world and the first calendar will be launched in short time. WSF cooperation with Swatch TTR is stronger than ever and is time for National Snowboard Assocation to register their events in the next season calendar.

WSF has the exclusive right to approve any events for the TTR World Snowboard Tour on 1star, 2star and 3star level. The National Snowboard Association should play an active role in evaluating, coordinating and handling all events on these levels in the country.

Download here all info and Documents for Event Application 2009.10

Event requirements.
Attached is the form showing the requirements for the different star levels. Please study this form carefully; all event applications will be evaluated according to these requirements.

Electronic application.
A new electronic application system has been developed for application on all levels. Please enter the WSF website www.worldsnowboardfederation.org and click “Event application”.

National ranking.
WSF offer a national ranking system to all members. The same star category and point break system is used as for the TTR ranking. We offer national ranking for girls/boys, three different age categories; OPEN, ROOOKIE and GROM and for all disciplines. Six nations used the national ranking system last season and report they were very satisfied. The national ranking system is based on results from national events on 1-2-3 star level. Only national riders can earn points.

WSF Rookie ranking.
WSF has developed and tried out an international Rookie ranking. This is a ranking age limited to under 18. All national competition for this age category can be uploaded on this ranking. The ranking will be used as a qualification to the WSF World Rookie Fest Final.

WSF Fees.
The fee structure for 2009 / 10 are
200 Euro for events at 1 star level – 25 Euro paid back to NSA
450 Euro for events at in category 2 – 50 Euro paid back to NSA
1000 Euro for events at 3 star level – 75 Euro paid back to NSA

There will be no rider fee next season.

The payback to the NSA is given provided the NSA
Evaluate all event application in the country on request from WSF
Inform all event organisers about ranking routines
Collect fees from event organisers and pay to WSF

National Snowboard Associations that use the national ranking and / or the Rookie ranking which WSF offer to all pay the same fee pr event, but do not get any payback. (the “payback” is payment for the ranking services offered by WSF on National / Rookie ranking)

You will all receive an invoice based on the number of events on the confirmed level. Results from events will not be uploaded until fee is paid successfully.

Promotion on web sites.
Every event at 1-2-3Star level will be promoted on the web site and with the WSF communication tool.
1Star: inclusion in the International Event Calendar + Event Page
2Star: as 1Star + evidence in home page “Next Event” box (to be opened soon) and possibility to publish the official event video in WSF TV (to be opened soon in cooperation with Freecaster.tv)
3Star: as 2Star.+ promotional news and official report published in WSF home page + international press release distribution to all WSF media and industry contacts world wide.

Appoint a person responsible for all about ranking.
It is absolutely necessary that you all appoint a person responsible for coordinating and operating all about ranking at the national level. This person must be responsible for
Applications of events to WSF
All about result list for uploading
Information about changes and cancellations of events
Communication with WSF and event organisers
Photos and reports to WSF press office

Please inform about name and contact information as soon as this person is appointed.

I hope we can have another successful season with participation on the TTR World Tour Ranking, the National ranking as well for the Rookie ranking. And just to be clear, there is only one international ranking list for OPEN class. All WSF registered events approved for the TTR World Snowboard Tour give points for this ranking list. One Tour for men and one for women. All events on all levels are part of the same calendar and only freestyle formats are accepted by TTR.

National ranking is open for all disciplines.

I welcome new and experienced nations to be part of the rankings and if you have question, please let us know.

All information / applications to be sent to gutveit@online.no .

Gunnar Tveit