Shred Down Austrian Masters 2011

The national snowboard community is once again going to fight it out for the title of the Austrian master in the disciplines of halfpipe and slopestyle and for valuable TTR worldranking points. The pipe competition will take place from March the 3rd to the 6th on the Nordkette in Innsbruck and the slopestyle competition will take place from March the 10th to the 13th at the Boarders Playground in Westendorf.

Big riders from the local to the international snowboard scene will be again part of the game: the Ästhetiker and last year’s over-all winner Rudi Kröll, local hero Simon Pircher, serial winner Julia Baumgartner and over-all rookie champion 2010 Clemens Schattschneider. They are going to offer shredding at it’s highest level.

Numerous side events, as parties featuring well known bands and DJs, will round off the event.
This year’s main event in Westendorf will start off with the „K2 JIB KNIGHTS“. This warm up jib session will take place on March the 11th at the Talstation Alpenrosenbahn. The riders will present their skills on a stair-set with a down-flat-down and a down rail. The best tricks will be rewarded on the spot.

The legends ranking is again also going to be a special highlight. Past winners and additional famous faces such as Max Plötzeneder, Jocki Köffler and Tom „Noodle“ Recheis are going to be present.

Holding true to the motto „never change a winning team“ the co-operation between the independent Austrian Snowboard Association n.asa, the famous snowboard crew Ästhetiker and the guys of Boardplay continues. These three famous institutions of the local snowboard community will present the event for the third time. The Shred Down Austrian Masters stands out amongst the crowd of snowboard contests because of the range of starters, the set up and the side events.

Based on two legendary contests, the „Shred Down“ and the „Austrian Masters“, one extraordinary event was developed two years ago. The feedback of the riders and the spectators bear out that the organizers did the right thing to merge these two contests.

„The Shred Down Austrian Masters aren’t just a get-together of the local snowboard scene. They’re rather a meeting of the international community. Every year the pipe and the slopestyle contest is a nice session among friends. Additionally it’s a good experience and an unique chance for all the good rookies to present themself.“ Rudi Kröll – Ästhetiker and over all winner 2010

„I always like to be part of the Shred Down Austrian Masters. The location, the good pipe and the crowd which is always on site (specially the legends) turn the pipe contest into something very special. The slopestyle in Westendorf is anyway an unforgettable experience!“ Julia Baumgartner – over all champion women’s ranking 2010

„ The Shred Down Austrian Masters event is one of the funniest and coolest contests. It’s perfectly organized and every year you can meet a lot of cool people you can have lots of fun with. So to all rookies out there: What are you waiting for!“ Clemens Schattschneider – over all rookie champion 2010

Gogo, Meini and the rest of the organizing committee have once again remodeled the Shred Down Austrian Masters. They are going to present it even bigger and better in the upcoming season. So you can definitely look forward to this outstanding event!

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