Petr Horak triumphed in Czech Snowboarding Cup

Pec Pod Snezkou (Czech Republic) – Petr Horak and Lucie Zabranska ruled Impromat 4×4 Czech Snowboard Cup. After summarization of points from all Impromat 4×4 events they are the overall winners of the series and therefore they will be the Czech Snowboarding Team representants for next year´s prestige World Snowboarding Championships 2012 in Oslo. In last race of the Impromat 4×4 series in Pec pod Snezkou last weekend however Tomas Tuzar was executing tricks with surgical preciseness and that´s why the last race of the series wasn´t won by the overall winner Petr Horak. Thanks to Tomas great ride without mistakes he is new Czech Snowboarding Champion for 2011. In ladies category Lucie Zabranska achieved clear victory and she won the Czech Snowboard Champion title. Rookies category was dominated by Michal Bisa, groms category by Tomas Cisar.

All riders had the chance to show their best at the biggest kicker we had this season in Czech snowboarding events,” says Jarda Bocek, manager of Impromat 4×4 Czech Snowboarding Cup, about the last event. “And all riders had a good reason to do so. After third race of the series (14 days ago in Jested snowpark) point difference among the riders was really tight.”

During the sunny Saturday in Pec pod Snezkou there were hundreds of visitors watching two stars TTR Czech Snowboarding Cup Finals. Tomas Tuzar (winner of third event) and Petr Horak (winner of first and second event) were struggling for each point during qualification and finals. At the end Tomas Tuzar was the one who could celebrate his victory in Final Race. He performed flawless combo of switch back 7 and cab 9. However not even the victory in Finals did not mean the overall victory for Tomas Tuzar. After summarization of points Petr Horak became overall winner of the series. He could celebrate not only qualification for WSC in Oslo 2012 but also winning the Seat Ibiza ST for 6 months usage. “What I want for the next season is practice some more tricks such as cab double 9, 10, frontside double 10,” says Petr and ads: “I want to focus some more on my technique because in world snowboarding events it´s all about preciseness. You just touch the ground during landing and that´s it for you – even the best trick is rated as an average one.”

In ladies duel – Katerina Vojackova vs. Lucie Zabranska – there was a clearer situation. Lucie Zabranska won the Final event plus first and third race and outcome of overall counting of points was clear from the beggining. Lucie reached for Czech Snowboarding Championship title and she is qualified for the WSC 2012 in Oslo as the overall winner of the Impromat 4×4 series.

In Best Trick dominated Roman Dlauhy with his müller flip.

World Snowboard Federation (WSF) gave Impromat 4×4 Czech Snowboarding Championship TTR (Ticket To Ride) rating – one stars for first three events and two for the finals.

Snowboard fans and riders had a chance in Pec pod Snezkou to have a nice break in Relax Zone They could enjoy food from gusta CZ, energy drinks from Monster Drink and have their board serviced by Swix. You couldn´t overpass also Nikita presentation and Seat Auto exhibiton. The end of Event Day was made good by Jägermeister Monster energy afterparty in Kovarna Club.