Protest WRF in Livigno, Day2: Trainings, Workshops and Cable Session

The Protest World Rookie Fest 2012 is on fire with tons of action at the Mottolino Swatch Snowpark and in the new Cable Park in Livigno downtown. Day 2 of the event saw the first trainings for the 126 riders in the starting list: they all shred the slopestyle set up including 3 table top and ending in a multi rail obstacles still to be completed. In the afternoom the Protest Cable Session happened in the center of Livigno awarding a 1.000€ prize money to grab in a “cash for trick” contest.

Protest World Rookie Fest 2012 in Livigno: Training Day from on Vimeo.

But the Protest World Rookie Fest is not just about competing. The program of day 2 included also the workshop “Wanna be a Snowboard Pro” by Bob Klein from USA. Bob was one of the very first pro ever, today he is in the “snowboard hall of fame” and he works as a professional athlets manager in Octagon, world leading company in this particular market.

Cable Session and “Wanna Be a Pro” workshop @ Protest World Rookie Fest from on Vimeo.

Moreover Red Bull pro Jamie Nicholls join the Protest World Rookie Fest in Livigno to shred with the partecipants. Rumors says that he will spend the next 2 days in the Yeti suite!

Today, 16 january 2012, is qualification day: the 126 riders will challenge to get their spot for tomorrow’s finals. Later today we will announce the results of the quali and the nomination of the finalists.

If you dreams to become a professional snowboarder, your future starts here at the Rookie Fest!

Watch all the pictures of today here: