Tomas Materi won the Argentina Snowboard Tour (AST) 2012

PRO rider Tomas Materi from Buenos Aires is the official Argentinean Snowboard Champion.
From this year the Argentina Snowboard Tour (AST) 2012 edition has been part of WSF South America Tour 2012, assigning 2Star coefficient for all events.

AST Sum Up

The AST tour started with an opening season event that took place in the urban city of Buenos Aires in May 20: the AST Urban Big Air, wonned by Tomas Materi.

In the middle of August, AST organized another urban event in the city of Buenos Aires, but this time was an invitational only, without no ranking points and Matias Smitht from Bariloche was crowned as winner. The snowboard legend Jeremy Jones showed up at the event and enjoyed the big air contest intown.

Second official stop of AST 2012 happened in Chapelco ski resort with three days of snowboarding events:
– the first one was the Quiksilver SnowJam Chapelco 2012, a snowboard competition held in local snowpark and joined by rookies and amateurs.

– August the 21st was the time for the Roxy SnowJam Argentina 2012 where the snowpark had been ceding to the best female riders in the country.

And on August 23 the DC Big Air Pro Chapelco 2012 gave the opportunity to Tomas Materi to dominate the national ranking and win the highest spot of the podium.

DC Big Air Pro Chapelco 2012 from DC Shoes Argentina on Vimeo.

At the end of August, Cerro Bayo hosted the 6th annual King Of The Park, the traditional and international slopestyle event that became a part of WSF South America Tour 2012. Riders Toumarkine Danny and Hemminger Johnatan, respectively first and second, represented USA in the podium while national pro riders Matias Radaeli took the third place.

King of the Park from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

The AST 2012 Grand Finale happened at Cerro Catedral during the Billabong Rock The Snow, a 2Star international Big Air competition wonned by Hemminger Johnatan (USA). National rider Tomas Materi keep the second place becoming AST Tour Champion 2012 edition.

All of those snowboard events are parts of WSF South America Tour 2012, so all riders had the opportunity to accumulate points for official TTR and WSF snowboard ranking list. This continental snowboard tour is developed in Chilean and Argentinians ski resorts and the Grand Finale will take place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in date October 24-26 with a 2Star slopestyle indoor competition.

See you there!!