Ideas, Innovations & Interacting: WSF Meets the Industries

The joint meeting of WSF and EuroSIMA Mountain Division on Februrary 4th in Munich, Germany gathered both delegates from The National Snowboard Associatons and managers from international snowboard industries.

“This meeting should give the possibility to share ideas and cooperate for common projects”

Marco Sampaoli, WSF president

The International Sporting Goods Trade Show (ISPO) 2013 in Munich, Germany offered the chance for the members of the World Snowboard Federation and the Mountain Division of the European Surf Industry Manufactors Association (EuroSIMA) to come together and discuss topics of common interests.

In an interesting talk about how snowboard federations could work together with the industries, ideas for common projects in the future were brought up. One main topic was dealing with the question what could be done to attract more kids to snowboarding. With this brainstorming meeting, the WSF-EuroSIMA-working-group gained a bunch of innovational suggestions for new concepts waiting to be worked out and presented to the international snowboard community.

The report of the World Snowboard Day 2012 by EuroSIMA showed that the interest and pleasure for snowboarding is there all over the world. With 41 members on five continents, WSF is steadily working on developing snowboarding in all parts of the globe.

Check out the Agenda for the

World Snowboard Federation & EuroSIMA Mountain Division 2013 ISPO Meeting

Munich, Germany January 4th , 2013



4 to 5 pm: WSF Meeting, presented by Marco Sampaoli, President

5 to 6 pm: EuroSIMA Mountain Division Meeting presented by Remi Forsans, President


WSF Meeting

WSF Going Global

With its growing network of National Snowboard Associations, WSF is working global with members all over the World. After a successful introduction of the South America Snowboard Tour, Asia and Africa have become more close to WSF with new member NSAs from China and South Africa, while membership applications from Hong Kong and Mongolia are in process.

How To Work Together For A Better Snowboard Environment

Joint projects between industries and National Associations can create opportunities for the snowboard development.
In which areas can we work together in order to help each other goals?
Open discussion lead by Marco Sampaoli.

Kids and Competitions: a Way To Get More Youngsters On The Snowboard?

The World Rookie Tour (WRT) is an established working program and a link between amateurs / kids and pros.
Is the WRT a good way to attract more kids on snowboard?
Are there other youth activities that WSF could support in order to help making the snowboard sport being more interesting for young people? Open discussion lead by Marco Sampaoli


EuroSIMA Mountain Division Meeting

Conversation on “How to increase youth participation in Snowboarding” -2013 EuroSIMA MD discussion and action plan – Lead by Rémi Forsans and Iker Aguirre

That’s the priority of our collective strategy for the next year, and we have to work collectively on action plans to reinforce the youth participation, and the Snowboarding initiations and accessibility for beginners and youth generation.

2013 European On Snow Demo Tour : dates, confirmations and evolutions –Clive Ripley will present a report with the third organizers.

Snow Avant Premiere, Shop First Try and Pro Shop Test report

2012 World Snowboard Day (Report) Presented by Franck Laporte Fauret and Stephanie Godin

The EuroSIMA Staff will present the report of this last edition (Participation, figures, ambassador, new partners)

Discussion: The FIS World Snow Day is really focused in its communication towards kids and youth, we don’t have to let them all these opportunities. Even if we still have problems regarding Snowboards Instructors in Europe, we must involve all our efforts with riders, Clubs, associations and brands events to offer free Snowboards lessons for the kids through this unique event.

2013 European Snow Forum Update – Presented by Clive Ripley

Clive will present his proposal for 2013 edition, and the different alternatives of format and dates.

Discussions and questions


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