World Snowboard Day 2013 in China

World Snowboard Day is coming up on December 22, and China boasts events in 10 resorts and the retrun of WSD in tropical Hainan, hosted by China Surf Report.

In China, riders will be able to enjoy free events at the following resorts:

Jilin Beidahu Resort: As one of the top resorts in China, Beidahu Resort officially opened in 1993. Beidahu Resort is a sports and tourist center integrating competition, training, travel and fitness rehabilitation.

Beijing Huaibei International Resort: Beijing Huaibei International Resort is located in Huairou district , and is one of the earliest resorts that opened in Beijing. Covering an area of 9.6 square kilometers ,the total length of slopes in Beijing Huaibei International Resort is 5,100 meters, with a vertical drop of 238 meters.

Qingdao Golden Mountain Resort: Golden Mountain Resort is located at the border of Qingdao and Yantai at the foot of beautiful Yuhuang Mountain. The resort covers an area of 29 hectares, and a capacity for 1,500 people.

Xinjiang Silk Road Resort: Silk Road International Resort is located at the Tianshan Mountains. Boasting an area of 12 square kilometers, it is able to accommodate 10,000 people. The resort’s eight slopes cater to all riding levels.

Shenyang Magic Slope Resort: Shenyang Magic Slope International Resort is surrounded by mountains and woodlands in northeast of Shenyang (North East China). The resort covers an area of 500 acres with 200,000 square meters slopes.

Changchun Lotus Mountain Resort: Changchun Lotus Mountain Resort is located in the North East of China, at the Changchun Lotus Mountain Eco-tourist Resort in Qingshan Village, Sijia Town. It is a leading resort in China. It caters to riders from and around Changchun City with a daily capacity of 3,000 people.

Find out more about events in Anshan, Hailangjiang, JinChang Tonghua at

Genting Secret Garden Resort will make updates regarding World Snowboard Day available on their website

Stay tuned on about WSD in Hainan!

HERE THE DETAILS FOR THE INAUGURAL EDITION OF THE action sports FILM DAYS at Beijing Huaibei International Resort:

Absinthe Films – DOPAMINE **

Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that influences movement and reward. At the core of progressive snowboarding, it is movement and reward that provide a natural motivation for riders like Bode Merrill, Victor De Le Rue, and Brandon Cocard to evolve and innovate. These explorers of mountain and mental landscapes led the charge this year, changing the definition of what can be done on a snowboard, and changing the guard. From the Yukon, Kootenays, Valhallas, Monashees, Dolomites, and Pyrenees, the Absinthe crew proves Dopamine is free, but you have to get out there to earn it.

Jake Blauvelt and friends seek new lines across the globe in Naturally, a snowboarding media project two years in the making presented by Oakley, Adidas and Ride Snowboards. Jake continues where his Naturally webisodes left off, producing a full movie, web TV series and TV documentary with Friday.
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X-Treme Video presented by XSories – BRAIN DEAD AND HEART ATTACK **
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Core Power Media – SHADOW PLAY featuring WANG LEI FULL EDIT **

A short film about WANG LEI IN NEW ZEALAND
The Pioneer Of Snowboarding In China soaked up two months of adventures during the southern hemisphere Winter 2013!
Shadow Play is a fun and energizing snowboard shortfilm that embraces the love and passion Wang Lei brings to the sport. Check out the full edit of SHADOW PLAY featuring Kiwi shredder Richie Johhnston.

TransWORLD SNOWboarding – NATION
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Re-run: X-Treme Video presented by XSories – BRAIN DEAD AND HEART ATTACK
Re-run: Absinthe Films – DOPAMINE


Korea sees the return of their awesome Phoenix Park Resort event. Watch for all the information and updates regarding Japan.

Stay informed on weibo @WSD世界单板日
The official hashtag for World Snowboard Day this year: #WSD2013 or for weibo #WSD2013#

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