Finnish Championships: report online

The Finnish championships took place in Myyrmäki skatepark, Vantaa on Saturday 22 July. The competition day was long and paused few times due to short showers, but the Street champion medals and World Rookie Tour places found their rightful owners after all.

Below podium riders:

GROM boys
1. Jerry Pylvänäinen
2. Patrik Äijälä
3. Atte Arvilommi

1. Matias Leino
2. Iiro Setälä
3. Miko Tikkanen

GROM girls
1. Unna Peltotalo
2. Ines Sinisalo
3. Alma Haapala

ROOKIE girls
1. Elsa Vormala
2. Liukkonen Anna-Elise

Thanks to everyone who was there to skate and to keep the hype up. And congratulation to the new Finnish champions!

Photogallery available here:

Photo Credits by: Mikko Kempas – @mikkokempas