Excitement and talent shine at the italian stop Modena Rookie Fest of the World Rookie Tour

This past weekend, the vibrant city of Modena played host to an exhilarating stop of the World Rookie Tour: the Modena Rookie Fest, drawing 35 talented athletes from across Italy to compete in a showcase of skill and passion for skateboarding.

Giorgia Meini, winner of the girl category of Modena Rookie Fest

The event saw intense competition and outstanding performances across all categories. In the female division, Giorgia Meini emerged victorious, securing the top spot on the podium with fluid runs and impressive tricks. Her winning run included boardslide over the rail, frontside fleeble, backside flip, backside fifty-fifty, flip and crooked, which left the judges and audience in awe.

Modena Rookie Fest
Gabriele Meini, winner of the grom boys category of Modena Rookie Fest

The Grom Boy category was dominated by Giorgia’s brother, Gabriele Meini, who wowed the judges and spectators alike with his dynamic performance. Gabriele’s run featured feeble, flip bump to bump, frontside tail, frontside lip, backside fifty-fifty, and backside lipslide, showcasing his technical prowess and creativity.

Modena Rookie Fest
Maicol Fantini, winner of the rookie boys category of Modena Rookie Fest

In the highly competitive Rookie Men category, Maicol Fantini took home the gold, demonstrating remarkable technique and style that set him apart from his peers. Maicol’s winning run consisted of feeble, blunt, full cab bump to bump, backside tail, bigspin bump to bump, fifty-fifty backside out, earning him the highest event scores.

All podium finishers have earned their spots in the prestigious World Rookie Tour Skateboard Finals, set in Prague from September 27 to 29. The finals will be held at the stunning skatepark hosting the renowned Mystic Sk8 Cup, promising an unforgettable experience for all participants and fans.

We are thrilled with the level of talent and sportsmanship displayed at the Modena stop of the World Rookie Tour,” said Luca “Ciccio” Borghetti, the skatepark manager Rock&Ride “These young athletes have shown incredible dedication and skill, and we can’t wait to see them compete on the international stage in Prague.”

The World Rookie Tour continues to be a vital platform for aspiring young athletes, providing them with opportunities to shine and progress in their sport. With the finals in Prague fast approaching, the excitement is building as these athletes prepare to take on the world.

Here are all the results

Girls Podium
1st place Giorgia Meini (watch her run here)
2nd place Matilde Solieri
3rd place Nina Bosetti

Grom Boys Podium
1st place Gabriele Meini (watch his run here)
2nd place Andrea Suprani
3rd place Riccardo Gnocchi

Rookie Men Podium
1st place Maicol Fantini (watch his run here)
2nd place Tommaso Failli
3rd place Mirko Barzellotti