Unforgettable Moments at the Skills Park Rookie Fest

Last weekend, the Skills Park Rookie Fest took place with an explosion of talent, energy, and unforgettable moments. Rookies from all over gathered to showcase their skills and compete in one of the most exciting events of the season.

The atmosphere was electric as participants wowed the crowd with their incredible tricks, flips, and grinds. The level of competition was fierce, and the performances were nothing short of spectacular.

Highlights of the Event:

  • Amazing Tricks: From high-flying flips to smooth grinds, the rookies displayed an impressive array of skills.
  • Top-Notch Talent: The future stars of the sport showed why they’re the ones to watch.
  • Community Spirit: The event was not just about competition but also about camaraderie and sportsmanship.
  • Captivating Coverage: Our talented videomaker, Mone, captured all the action, bringing the excitement of the event to life in a stunning video recap.


Grom Girls:

🥇 Noor Crevels
🥈 Umay Demir
🥉 Lela Helfenstein (Swiss Champion)

Skills Park

Rookie Woman:

🥇 Liv Broder

Skills Park

Grom Boys:

🥇 Alessio Binkert
🥈 Tiago Barcik
🥉 Julius Christmann

Skills Park

Rookie Men:

🥇 Mussie Michael
🥈 Simon Gerber
🥉 Rocco Müller Zürich

Skills Park

Skills Park is renowned for its top-tier facilities, providing the perfect environment for skaters of all levels to push their limits. With diverse features and obstacles, it continues to be a premier destination for skateboarding events and practice sessions.

We want to extend a huge thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and fans who made this event possible. Your support and enthusiasm are what make the World Rookie Tour special.

Don’t miss the video highlights of the Skills Park Rookie Fest – watch it now and relive the excitement!

Watch the Highlights Video

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for the next stop on the World Rookie Tour! The journey continues, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next!

Join us at the Hamburg Rookie Fest 2024!

We are excited to announce the Hamburg Rookie Fest, a key qualifying event for the World Rookie Tour! Scheduled to take place on June 14-16, 2024, this thrilling event will bring together the best young snowboarders from around the world. Competitors will showcase their skills and vie for a coveted spot in the World Rookie Finals.

Hamburg Rookie Fest

Event Highlights:

  • Date: June 14-16, 2024
  • Location: TSG Sportpark Neuallermöhe, Hamburg, Germany
  • Categories: Rookie (born 2005-2006), Grom (born 2007 or later)


  • June 14: Arrival and welcome day
  • June 15: Warm up with BBQ, chill music, small workshops, and overnight stay options.
  • June 16:
    • 10:00 AM: Registration
    • 11:45 AM: Riders Meeting
    • Noon: Contest

About TSG Sportpark Neuallermöhe: The TSG Sportpark Neuallermöhe features a premier skatepark with state-of-the-art facilities designed to challenge and inspire skateboarders and snowboarders alike. It’s the perfect venue for hosting the Hamburg Rookie Fest, offering a dynamic environment for both participants and spectators.

Hamburg Rookie Fest

Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, don’t miss out on the chance to witness the future stars of skateboarding in action. The winners will earn a spot in the World Rookie Finals, taking place from September 27-29 in Prague. Register now and be part of this exhilarating event!

For more details and registration, visit the following link.

Skills Park Rookie Fest 2024 in Winterthur

8 – 9 June 2024 | Street and Park, Skills Park in Winterthur

During the weekend of 8 and 9 June 2024, the 2024 Swiss Skateboard Championships will crown the national champions in the Street and Park disciplines. Both disciplines will take place this year in the Skills Park in Winterthur. On the same day, the Skills Park Rookie Fest will also be held in the same skatepark: the only Swiss qualifying stage for the World Rookie Skateboard Tour.Skills Park Rookie Fest

Registration for the Skills Park Rookie Fest takes place online

The Swiss Skateboard Championship 2024 is also part of the worldwide amateur and junior competition series World Rookie Tour. By taking part in the Swiss Skateboard Championship Street, you can qualify for the World Rookie Finals in Prague (CZE) from September 27th to 29th. At the WRT Tour, the qualification places and points are awarded according to the age categories Groms (born 2008 and younger) and Rookies (born 2004 to 2007):

  • Best 3 at the event qualify directly for the World Rookie Finals
  • Top 10 according to the tour ranking qualify for the World Rookie Finals (Rookies Girls, Rookies Boys and Grom Boys)
  • Top 1 Boys and Girls across all age categories receive the participation fee and accommodation (Friday to Sunday) including breakfast and dinner financed

Skills Park Rookie Fest


Saturday 08.06.24, Street:

  • 11.00 Open Practice
  • 12.40 Riders Meeting
  • 12.50 Warp up U16
  • 13.00 Qualifications Street U16
  • 14.00 Warm up Elite
  • 14.15 Open Practice
  • 15.50 Warm up U16
  • 16.00- 18.00 Finals
  • 18.30 Price Giving

Sunday 09.06.24, Park

  • 14.00 Open Practice
  • 14.40 Riders Meeting
  • 14.50 Warm Up U16
  • 15.00 Qualifications U16
  • 16.00 Warm Up Elite
  • 16.10 Qualification Park Elite
  • 17.00 Open Practice
  • 16.30- 18.30 Finals
  • 19.00- 19.30 Price Giving

Partecipation fees

  • U16 categories CHF 15.- including entry to the Skills Park
  • Elite categories CHF 25.- including entry to the Skills Park

Spectators pay CHF 3.- entry and receive a voucher for consumption (areas for spectator standing in and around the skate park are marked on the ground)

Directions: The Skills Park is located at Lagerplatz 17, 8400 Winterthur (location on Google Maps)

Participants and spectators are advised to travel by public transport via Winterthur train station. This is about a 10-minute walk from the Skills Park. There are various public parking garages within a 5-minute walk. We recommend using the Halle53 parking garage at Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 4, 8400 Winterthur. This is located directly opposite the small Portier bistro.

Skills Park Rookie Fest

Partecipation in the event is open to everyone. Anyone can register for the event and take part in the qualification. Further information can be found in the Swiss Skateboard Championships 2024 guidelines. The event zones are closed to competition from the practice up to and including the awards ceremony.

Excitement and talent shine at the italian stop Modena Rookie Fest of the World Rookie Tour

This past weekend, the vibrant city of Modena played host to an exhilarating stop of the World Rookie Tour: the Modena Rookie Fest, drawing 35 talented athletes from across Italy to compete in a showcase of skill and passion for skateboarding.

Giorgia Meini, winner of the girl category of Modena Rookie Fest

The event saw intense competition and outstanding performances across all categories. In the female division, Giorgia Meini emerged victorious, securing the top spot on the podium with fluid runs and impressive tricks. Her winning run included boardslide over the rail, frontside fleeble, backside flip, backside fifty-fifty, flip and crooked, which left the judges and audience in awe.

Modena Rookie Fest
Gabriele Meini, winner of the grom boys category of Modena Rookie Fest

The Grom Boy category was dominated by Giorgia’s brother, Gabriele Meini, who wowed the judges and spectators alike with his dynamic performance. Gabriele’s run featured feeble, flip bump to bump, frontside tail, frontside lip, backside fifty-fifty, and backside lipslide, showcasing his technical prowess and creativity.

Modena Rookie Fest
Maicol Fantini, winner of the rookie boys category of Modena Rookie Fest

In the highly competitive Rookie Men category, Maicol Fantini took home the gold, demonstrating remarkable technique and style that set him apart from his peers. Maicol’s winning run consisted of feeble, blunt, full cab bump to bump, backside tail, bigspin bump to bump, fifty-fifty backside out, earning him the highest event scores.

All podium finishers have earned their spots in the prestigious World Rookie Tour Skateboard Finals, set in Prague from September 27 to 29. The finals will be held at the stunning skatepark hosting the renowned Mystic Sk8 Cup, promising an unforgettable experience for all participants and fans.

We are thrilled with the level of talent and sportsmanship displayed at the Modena stop of the World Rookie Tour,” said Luca “Ciccio” Borghetti, the skatepark manager Rock&Ride “These young athletes have shown incredible dedication and skill, and we can’t wait to see them compete on the international stage in Prague.”

The World Rookie Tour continues to be a vital platform for aspiring young athletes, providing them with opportunities to shine and progress in their sport. With the finals in Prague fast approaching, the excitement is building as these athletes prepare to take on the world.

Here are all the results

Girls Podium
1st place Giorgia Meini (watch her run here)
2nd place Matilde Solieri
3rd place Nina Bosetti

Grom Boys Podium
1st place Gabriele Meini (watch his run here)
2nd place Andrea Suprani
3rd place Riccardo Gnocchi

Rookie Men Podium
1st place Maicol Fantini (watch his run here)
2nd place Tommaso Failli
3rd place Mirko Barzellotti

Abbie Burns and Beau Brunclair claim the victory in the Lanzarote Rookie Fest

39 young skaters from 9 different countries kickstarted the skateboarding season in Lanzarote for the first-ever Lanzarote Rookie Fest

This weekend, the Extreme Center in Lanzarote hosted the first skateboarding Rookie Fest of the season and the first World Rookie Tour event ever in Spain. A few dozen skaters of all ages and from 9 different countries participated in a contest that they will remember for a long time.

victory lanzarote

On Friday, the skaters enjoyed a long open session training in the newly refurbished indoor skatepark surrounded by palm trees. For the first few hours, the young skaters had quite serious faces and focused on discovering and practising their lines. But soon enough they started to meet new friends and the session continued well into the night, having a first day of 12 hours non-stop skateboarding.

On Saturday, with the seats filled with supportive parents, enthusiastic friends, and fellow skaters, tension rose right before the qualification started. However, once the skaters’ names were called to start their run, an explosion of enjoyment and excitement was on their faces.

The youngest competitor was only 5 years old, and many participants were under 10, which made it possibly the event with the youngest average age of participants in the history of the World Rookie Tour!
But fear not, because age is just a number, and they all displayed great talent and skills.

With 11 girls participating, only 4 made it through finals, and what a final! The British and Lanzarote local Abbie Burns earned the victory against Spanish favourite Noa Gonzalez, who unfortunately couldn’t land her run and ended up 4th. Slovenian Lina Sevčnikar claimed a well-deserved second place after showing her solid skills throughout the weekend and pushing through the final. Finally, the Canarian ramp rider Paula Jorge Simón surprised everyone by putting together a very complete run in this street park: “At first I wasn’t sure what I was doing here, as I normally skate ramp and street is not my strength, but I took it as an opportunity to try something new. I guess it’s an experience that can only be good for me. I’m just very happy I was able to put a run down and I wasn’t expecting much, so I am very happy.

Abbie’s winning run was a rainfall of solid tricks with a frontside smith on the flat bar, a backside boardslide and a front board on the big rail, a kickflip down the euro gap, a backside 5050, a nosegrind, a kickflip over the pyramid and a kickflip frontside boardslide on the flat bar.

victory lanzarote
Abbie Burns (GBR)

The boys’ finals were extraordinary to witness. The 8 highly skilled young skaters amused the crowd and each other by raising the bar one trick at a time. They transformed their nerves into flips and delivered an intense, banger-filled final.


Belgian Beau Brunclair won the big prize with an incredible display of style and technique delivered impeccably. His run consisted of a gap backside nose blunt slide, a backside 180 nosegrind revert, a 3flip and a kickflip over the pyramid, a big spin frontside boardslide, a frontside lipslide, a backside 270 lipslide on the big rail, a frontside 5-0, a big spin kickflip, and a frontside boardslide on the big rail as the last trick attempt.

His Belgian fellow, Noah de Jagger, delivered an exciting show and fought hard to keep his second place, but he couldn’t beat the young Spanish skater Luis Cabarcos. In the end, Luis Cabarcos earned second place, leaving Noah third.

victory lanzarote
Beau Brunclair (BEL)

Thank you all for joining and congratulations to all the winners!!

Best girl: Abbie Burns
Best boy: Beau Brunclair

🥇 Abbie Burns
🥈 Emma Elisa Chiocca
🥉 Laia Bonet

🥇 Lina Sevčnikar
🥈Paula Jorge Simón
🥉 Noa Gonzalez

🥇Beau Brunclair
🥈 Luis Cabarcos
🥉 Noah De Jaeger


World Rookie Tour announces exciting summer skateboard tour

Summer skateboard tour

The World Rookie Tour is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated summer skateboard tour, set to ignite the passion of young riders across Europe and Asia. Tailored for aspiring champions under the age of 18, this tour promises an exhilarating journey of skill, camaraderie, and growth.

The summer skateboard tour will kick off with its first stop at the breathtaking Lanzarote Rookie Fest, set against the backdrop of the island’s volcanic terrain and pristine coastline. Riders will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a unique and inspiring setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of Lanzarote.

From there, the tour will head to the picturesque slopes of Les Deux Alpes in France for the French Fries Rookie Fest, where riders can carve their way through high-altitude thrills and stunning alpine vistas. With world-class facilities and a vibrant skateboarding scene, Les Deux Alpes promises an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Continuing the journey, the tour will make its only Italian stop in Modena for the Modena Rookie Fest, coinciding with the renowned event that celebrates skateboarding culture in the heart of Italy. With its rich history, vibrant atmosphere, and passionate community of riders, Modena will serve as the perfect backdrop for a weekend of competition, camaraderie, and celebration.

We’re excited to kick off our summer skateboard tour and provide a platform for young riders to pursue their dreams,” said Meinhard Trojer, Tour Event Coordinator of the World Rookie Tour. “This tour is more than just a series of competitions; it’s a celebration of youth culture, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

While these stops are just a glimpse of the action-packed tour, riders and fans can explore the full calendar of events, leading up to the World Rookie Skateboard Finals in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 27th to 29th, on the World Rookie Tour’s online calendar.

The World Rookie Tour remains committed to providing a platform for young riders to pursue their passion and unleash their potential on the global stage. With expert coaching, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community of fellow riders, the tour aims to foster growth, camaraderie, and excellence in skateboarding.

For more information on tour dates, registration details, and how to get involved, visit the calendar on the website.

Summer Skateboard Tour
Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi – World Rookie Skateboard Champion 2023

Modena Rookie Fest 2024

Modena Rookie Fest

The World Rookie Tour stops in Modena (Italy) on May 18th for the highly anticipated Modena Rookie Fest 2024! This event promises strong emotions with some of the best young skaters from around the world, ready to showcase their skills and compete for the title of champion.

Hosted at the indoor skatepark Rock&Ride in Modena, the day will be filled with breathtaking tricks, intense competitions, and an atmosphere charged with adrenaline. It’s the perfect opportunity for skateboard enthusiasts of all ages to witness an unforgettable spectacle and experience the excitement of skateboarding at an international level.

All podium athletes from different categories: male and female, groms, and rookies, will qualify for the WRT Skateboard Finals 2024, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 27th to September 29th, 2024. The winner of the Rookie category will participate free of charge (including hotel and registration) in the WRT Skateboard Finals 2024. Additionally, all riders on the podium will receive prizes from our sponsors.

The registration form is available at this LINK.


  • Friday, May 17th:
    • 19:00 – 21:00: Free training at the indoor skatepark Rock&Ride – Via dei Lancilloto 10/12 (MO)
  • Saturday, May 18th:
    • 10:00 – 13:00: Finalization of registrations and payment of entry fee @indoor skatepark Rock&Ride
    • 10:00 – 14:30: Official training
    • 15:00 – 18:00: Qualifications
    • 18:15 – 19:30: Finals and awards ceremony

The competition fee, amounting to €20.00, must be paid in cash on the morning of the competition.

To participate, it is mandatory to be affiliated with a recognized sports club (FISR, UISP, CSI, AICS, etc.). Those who are not affiliated for the 2023-2024 sports season can affiliate on the day of the competition, at the time of registration, through our club Black Yeti SSD for €30.00.

You can download the info sheet with all the information at the following LINK.

For further details and information on how to participate or attend the event, please send an email to registration@worldrookietour.com

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience! Mark the date on your calendar and get ready for a day of skateboarding and fun.

Modena Rookie Fest


13-17 May 2024

Les Deux Alpes, France | Skateboard

french fries rookie fest

When flowers bloom in your backyard, the Black Yeti turns to skateboard and heads straight to France. Meet him in the great skatepark of Les Deux Alpes for French Fries Rookie Fest will take place.

This famous resort also offers a 3400 m. high glacier with a mad snowpark and is the inevitable spot for spring seshs and high-level riding. While rookies will sharpen their freestyle skills on snow, skaters will enjoy the park and the many workshops offered by the organizing team.

Elsewhere in the village, there’s so much to do at walking distance, whether in the swimming pool, the laser game, the summer sledge, or on the world-renown slopes of downhill mountain biking.

What’s even more unique is that the French Fries Rookie Fest is part of a unique combo, as it is linked to the Spring Rookie Camp and a Freestyle Snowboarding Rookie Fest, all happening in Les Deux Alpes at the same time. This will give all riders the occasion to meet several sideways-oriented sis and bros.

Come around and see by yourselves! The French Fries Rookie Fest will host you in style. Various workshops will make it for riders’ cohesion and exchange, DJs and live music on snow, tattoo workshops, hip-hop dance, yoga sessions, and brands’ village where boards and more will be tested.

National delegations are expected to reach Les Deux Alpes on Saturday, 13 May 2024, to be in place for the beginning of training on May 14. Comp will happen on 15 and 16, keeping one weather day for safety. Workshops and other activities will be held in the afternoon and evening. More details while on the spot.

Arrival 13th – Departure 17th

  • Lodging at the official hotel Atmosphere (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Workshops
  • Registration fees
  • Goodies

Price: All included for 350 € per person

The resort of Les Deux Alpes is located in the French Alps – see below.
Website: www.les2alpes.com/winter/
Google map link: goo.gl/maps/cjxpPBeh6VBxTz5Q6

Download HERE the infosheet

French Fries Rookie Fes

2024 WRT Skateboard Kick-off event in Lanzarote


World Rookie Tour is next to announce the 2024 WRT Sk8 Tour starting from a new kick-off event in Canary Island: Lanzarote Rookie Fest from the 26th to the 28th of April, we will kick off with our 2024 tour in Lanzarote.

Yes, you heard it right! Canary Islands! The contest will happen in Extreme Center Lanzarote indoor skatepark, which is run and operated by two brothers: Diego and Gustavo Rosende, a family team dedicated to their work in skateboarding. Diego and Gustavo joined forces with World Cup Skateboarding Contest Director Iztok Sumatic to throw down one hell of a start to the 2024 season.

At the moment Extreme Center is going through a big reconstruction and we can’t wait to show you the photos of a new skatepark once it’s done.

You can find flights to Lanzarote airport from a lot of European cities, and from the airport to the skatepark is a 3 min car ride. The easiest way is a taxi for 5-6€. The bus would leave them 5 streets away.

The registrations (NO ENTRY FEE) for the World Rookie Tour Lanzarote stop are open on the following LINK.

Accommodation packages: 

  1. Hostal Cardona **, Democracia, 11 – 3500 Arrecife, Lanzarote
    Phone: +34 928 811 008 / +34 928 811 016
    e-mail: recepcion.cardona@gmail.com
    4 min by car from the event venue. When making a reservation, please mention the World Rookie Tour.
    Event price: 43€ double room/per night. Breakfast is not included but there are a lot of affordable coffee shops in the area.
    Special price until April 11th.
  2. Hotel Lanzelot***, Avenida Mancomunidad, 9 – 35500 Arrecife, Lanzarote www.lancelothotelarrecife.com
    Event price: 70€ Single Room, 80€ Double Room and 102€ Triple Room (limited availability). Buffet breakfast included.

For additional info about the event, registration and bookings please contact:

iztok@wcsk8.com (English-speaking athletes)
info@extremecenterlanzarote.com (Spanish-speaking athletes)

Apply and qualify for the World Rookie Skateboard Finals that will happen in Mystic SK8 Park in Prague this autumn. Best girl and a boy will get an inclusive ticket.

You can download HERE the complete info sheet.

The complete 2024 WRT Skateboarding Calendar will be announced soon: stay tuned for more information.


World Rookie Skateboard Finals successfully completed

Mystic Sk8 Park, Štvanice Island, Prague, CZE, 07. Oct. 2023

Mystic Sk8 Park in Prague, Czech Republic, welcomed 80 young skaters from 20 nations from all over the world, with teams representing Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and, for the first time in WRT Sk8 Finals, Africa. After a season of qualifying events all around the countries, the 2023 World Rookie Skateboard Finals welcomed the energies and the positive vibes of tomorrow’s stars and offered all participants an immersive experience in the skateboard culture.

The event took place in a great international scenario: Mystic Skatepark is an iconic location on an island surrounded by river Vltava where the legendary Mystic Sk8 Cup started at the beginning of this century. The park is located in the middle of the beautiful city of Prague which, with its cultural and artistic attractions, offers riders and crew a unique travel and lifestyle experience.

Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi – 2023 World Rookie Champion

The skateboarders showcased an extremely high level of riding during a full day of qualification and finals and they competed for World Rookie Champions titles and tickets to world-class events such as Mystic Sk8 Cup and Simple Session.

In the Female category, British ripper Abbie Nicole Burns resulted the best in the comp and conquered the 2023 World Rookie Champion title. At only 14 years old, Abbie is the youngest WRT Skateboard Champion we ever had. Laura Zackova from the Czech Republic and Florence Ulrich Adcocks from Germany completed the female podium.

Girl Podium:first place Abbie Nicole Burns (GBR), second place Laura Zackova (CZE) and third place Florence Ulrich Adcocks (GER)

In the Grom Male division for under 14 years old riders, French rising star Axel Van Cuyck conquered the World Grom Champion Title, followed on the podium by Jesse Kloes (GER) and Mussie Michael (ERI).

Grom Podium: first place Axel Van Cuyck (FRA), second place Jesse Kloes (GER) and third place Mussie Michael (ERI)

In the top division of the event, the 15-19 years old rookies, we watched an amazing battle for the podium. With tons of “Italian Style” and very technical lines, Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi won the event and was crowned the 2023 World Rookie Champion. At only 0.3 points behind Rocco Mueller (SUI) got second place while the third position was conquered on his very last run by Gabriele Fabi from Rome, Italy.

Rookie Podium: first place Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi (ITA), second place Rocco Mueller (SUI) and third place Gabriele Fabi (ITA).

The competition was great but the World Rookie Skateboard Final was not only focused on the competitive side of skateboarding. In fact, the program also featured a lot of lifestyle activities to offer a unique experience to everybody: GummyLove “safe sex workshops”, social dinners, street sessions and an exclusive “Meet & Shred” session at Maxplace skatepark with local skateboard hero Maxim Habanec.

Watch the event video report here:

Check the photo gallery here:

If you were not here, then you can watch the re-run from the 2023 World Rookie Skateboard Finals in Prague here or on www.boardriding.com YouTube channel www.youtube.com/@boardriding

Hellas Rookie Fest: most colorful stop!

After many difficulties and delays (regarding the location of the OAKA Skate Park which was not given to us at the last minute) we found a new space, the Asylum D.I.Y. in the Vikos Grove of Galatsi!

We apologize for the announcement a few days before the event, but we thought it was better to do it like this, than not do it at all.

Congrats to all the winners, see you in Prague!

Rookie Men Podium

Grom Men Podium

Girls Podium

See here the full photo gallery

Portugal Rookie Fest was cool!

While most of the international skate events are focused on the pro riders the World Rookie Tour proves to be the place to be for the up-and-coming generations of skateboarders.

More than a contest it’s a party and more than prizes what it gives the new skaters is opportunities and experiences that will change their lives.

Grom Men Podium

  1. Teixeira Pacal
  2. Lopes Duarte
  3. Godinho Tomás

Girls Podium

  1. Costa Rafaela
  2. Simão Mariana
  3. Galante Madalena

Rookie Men Podium

  1. Teixeira Madu
  2. Preto Pedro
  3. Toledo Nimrod

See you all in Prague this weekend for the World Rookie Skateboard Finals with young skaters from the seven corners of the world.

See the full photo gallery

Great Britain Rookie Fest: good first one!

As the first event World Rookie Tour organized in Great Britain we can say that it was a resounding success! Numerous participants, from the youngest to the oldest, took part in the competition in order to try to win one of the places for the World Rookie Skateboard Finals which will be held in Prague from 6 to 8 October, in the incredible Mystic SK8 Park.

The lucky winners are:

1st Boy: Ollie Parker
1st Boy: Ollie Parker
 1st Girl Ayva Whittenbury
1st Girl: Ayva Whittenbury
Bowl champion: Seth Wilson
Bowl champion: Seth Wilson










See you in Prague guys!

Check here the Official Video and the Photo Gallery

Hellas Rookie Fest announcement: 1st October

The World Rookie Tour skateboard contest is hosted for the second time in Athens, this time at Asylum D.I.Y in Galatsi. An amazing location in Athens, that gathers most of the local skateboarding community.

Our goal is to set the foundations of an international annual contest that will attract young skaters, to learn and compete in a professional environment.

Winners are getting tickets for the WRT Finals in Prague at the Mystic SK8 Park, valuable prizes and giveaways.

The World Rookie Tour skateboard was hosted successfully for the first time in 2022 at Athens by Snowboard. gr, Hedonism Rides & TRS international. The same production team proudly presents Athens Rookie Fest skateboarding 2023 – bigger, better and wilder!!!

Event Program – 1st October 2023 – Street

  • 15:00-16:00 Training
  • 16:00-18:00 Qualifications
  • 18:30-19:30 Finals
  • 19:45 Award Ceremony and Prizes!

Register at: World Rookie Registration – Skateboard

You can download here the Info Sheet

Registrations and Information:
Local Event contact:

Alex Papapaschalis – alex@snowboard.gr – +306944861403
Antonis David – antonisdavid@gmail.com – +306945585725

The countdown has begun: watch here the World Rookie Skateboard Finals live streaming

The time has come: World Rookie Skateboard Finals, Saturday 7 October, at Mystic Sk8 Park (Prague)

Are you ready for the show? It will be great of course! If you are not able to come to Prague, you can see the World Rookie Tour Skateboard Finals live streaming, thanks to Boardriding.com and Fuel.TV

World Rookie Skateboard Finals

Program of the day

  • 09:00 – 10:00 Open Training – open for all Riders World Rookie Finals
  • 10:00 – 15:00 Start WRF – Qualification run – more Detailed Program + Format will follow
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Semi-Finals Groms & Rookie Girls – Livestreaming
    Semi-Finals Groms & Rookie Girls – Livestreaming
  • 17:30 – 19:00 Finals Groms & Rookie Girls – Livestreaming
  • 17:30 – 19:00 Finals Groms & Rookie Boys – Livestreaming
  • Directly After WRT Price Giving Ceremony

At the following link you can re-watch the live streaming of the competition. Enjoy!

Portugal Rookie Fest it will be great!

Are you ready for a great skateboarding party at SLX Benedita in Portugal this weekend?! If you wanna have the opportunity to win one of the last chance to compete at the World Finals in Prague, this is the right opportunity!

Two days with not only skateboarding, but also an artistic workshop of stencil, drawing, 3D printing and a beat workshop.

Subscribe now at the following link!

WRF Modena: what a weekend!

A big thank you to Modena Skateboard School for the hospitality. But the biggest thanks goes to the boys and girls who challenged each other with tricks.
A weekend dedicated to sport, art with Nicholas Zonca, RAP workshop held by Amir Isaa and dance exhibition with the hip hop performance of Centro la Fenice.

More than 30 boys and girls put themselves to the test to win one of the places at the World Rookie Tour Skateboarding Finals which will be held from 6 to 7 October in Prague at the Mystic Cup Park.

Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi Rookie Champ

Men Podium
🥇Diego Fusconi
🥈Gabriele Meini
🥉Carlo Cravosio

Women Podium
🥇Giorgia Meini
🥈Federica De Crescenzo
🥉Margherita De Gaspari

Rookies Men Podium
🥇Andres Martin Gramaglia Fusconi
🥈Gabriele Fabi
🥉Diego Nardini


Debrecen World Rookie Tour 2023

The Debrecen World Rookie Tour held in the second biggest city of Hungary, brought together budding skateboarders from all over the country for an unforgettable showdown. Despite the calendar reading autumn, the sweltering heat of summer still clung to the air, making it an even more challenging and exciting event.

Debrecen, known for its vibrant skating community, was the perfect host city for this prestigious event. The competition took place at the brand-new Debrecen skatepark, hailed as Hungary’s largest and finest. The new facility offered not only an incredible street course but also a welcoming atmosphere for skateboarders to connect, learn and compete with each other.

In the end, it was the two-time U14 national champion Olivér Olaszy who emerged victorious, adding another title to his growing list of achievements. His impressive skills, fast pace, balanced and flawless performance were on full display as he took the top spot.

The Debrecen World Rookie Tour skateboarding competition was a resounding success, with a world-class skatepark, scorching summer heat, and enthusiastic participants, it was an event to remember. As the sun set over Debrecen, it marked not only the end of an incredible competition but also the promise of more thrilling WRT events to come in the future.


Grom Boys:

  1. Olivér Olaszy
  2. Jonatán Matolcsy
  3. Zsombor Rozgonyi

Rookie Boys:

  1. Dániel Turbucz
  2. Benedek Radó
  3. Barnabás Bányai

Grom Girl:

  1. Jonka Márki

World Rookie Skateboard Finals 2023

Mystic Sk8 Park, ostrov Štvanice, Prague, CZ, 06 – 08 Oct. 2023


After a season around Europe and South East Asia, the Black Yeti is ready to present the World Rookie Skateboard Finals in Mystic Sk8 Park, Prague, Czech Republic, from 6th to 8th October 2023. Best young skaters from Europe, Asia and the US will land in Prague for a unique sports and lifestyle event in a great international scenario. Don’t worry, there are still other events in Europe to qualify for the finals (follow the WRT Calendar online) but from today on the registrations for the Finals are open!

Mystic Skatepark is an iconic location on an island surrounded by river Vltava in the middle of the beautiful city of Prague. In this unique scenario, the World Rookie Skateboard Champions 2023 will be crowned and incredible prizes will be awarded: a wildcard to Simple Session 2024 and several invitations to the Mystic Sk8 Cup 2024, invitations to special Red Bull Experience and many products from our partners Blue-Tomato, TSG, Etnies and Volcom.

The event will be broadcasted live by our partners www.boardriding.com and Fuel.TV.

If you are a skateboard fan or if your dream is to start a professional skate career, then Mystic SK8 Park in Prague is the place to be from the 6th to the 8th of October, for the 2023 World Rookie Skateboard Finals!

Registration at the following link


Skaters Package all included
€ 220,00: Entry Fee, 2 Nights at the hotel Florentina Boat with Breakfast in a double room, (06 – 08.10.2023) parked near the skatepark & Stalin plaza with 2 x Dinners Friday/Saturday at the sk8 park + Goodie Bag (single rooms are also available for additional cost)
Coach or Parents Package all included
€ 170,00 2 Nights on the hotel Florentina Boat in a double room with Breakfast parked near the skatepark & Stalin plaza with 2 x Dinner at the skatepark Friday/Saturday and Goodie (single rooms also available for additional cost)
Local Skaters package / no lodging
€ 60,00 Entry Fee + Goodie Bag
Soft drinks during the contest are included for all skaters.
Help for hotel booking: David.jancar@mysticskatepark.cz


Friday 6 October – Arrival Day World Rookie Final
10.00 – 22.00: Park is open for practice – free of charge
13.00 -19.00 Registration. NB: Everybody has to do the location Registration as well as the pre-registered Rider
19.00 – 21.00: Diner all together at the Mystic Sk8 Park

Saturday 07 October – World Rookie Final competition day
9.00 – 10.00: Open Training for all Riders WRF
10.00 – 15.00: Start WRF – Qualification run – more Detailed Program + Format will follow
15.00 – 17.00: Semi Finals Groms & Rookie Girls – Livestream
17.30 – 19.00: Final Groms & Rookie Girls – Livestream
Directly After WRF Price Giving Ceremony
20.00 – 22.00: Diner all together at the Mystic Sk8 Park

Sunday 08 October –  Departure Day World Rookie Final
11.00 – 13.00: Stalin Plaza skate session for registered skaters

Info and bookings registration@worldrookietour.com

Download all info here

Swiss Skateboard Cup results

What a success guys the stage in Switzerland which was held in the gigantic skatepark Skills Park in Wintherthur on Saturday 2 September! An incredible event where we were lucky enough to see boys and girls competing very fiercely in both bowl and street competitions.
An important opportunity for these young skaters as the winners won a place for the World Rookie Skateboarding Finals in Prague, from 6 to 8 October, inside the renowned Mystic Cup skatepark.

Swiss Cup Tour Champions


Women Podium

🥇Umay Demin (GER)

🥈Améli Dufay (SUI)

🥉Lela Lela Helfenstein (SUI)

Men Podium

🥇Simon Gerber (SUI)

🥈Vinzenz Hoffmann (GER)

🥉Ruben Guillen Farguharson (SUI)


Grom Women Podium


🥇Umay Demir (GER)

🥈 Lela Helfenstein (GER)

🥉Noor Crevels (FRA)

Grom Men Podium


🥇 Simon Gerber (SUI)

🥈Lenny Jenni (SUI)

🥉Musise Michael (SUI)

Rookie Women Podium

🥇 Liv Broder (SUI)

🥈Elizabeth Grasset (SUI)

🥉Mona Mesotten (SUI)

Rookie Men Podium

🥇 Micha Kowner (Rookie Men)

🥈Rocco Müller (SUI)

🥉Dimitri Pauli (SUI)

Have a look at the complete photo gallery here.