Ruiki Masuda (Jpn)

Ruiki is the most international japanese rookie! At only 15 years of age, he entered TAC twice, joined the Oakley Style Master in China and travel a lot around the world from a competition to an other. Read something more about this talented rookie…

Ruiki at TAC05, Fisness Session

Name: Ruiki Masudai
Date of Birth: 29-march-1991
Nationality: Japanese

Ruiki in China, travelling at the Oakley Style Master

Sponsor: Lib-Tech, Volcom, Dragon, Drake, Nortwave, Bros (Snowboard Shop)
Stance: 21, 15
Favorite trick: sb 180
Highest ranking: 7th at TAC06
Favorite Spot: Ishiuchi Maruyama, Niigata
Favorite food&drink: Chinese Noodle
Best Music: Beck and Iggy Pop
Future Projects: Being an international pro rider!

Ruiki at TAC06

Pics by Marco Sampaoli, Gian Luca Zanetti and Ishi