Sergey Lapushkin (Rus)

Sergey is a top rookie from Russia…we met him firt time at Livigno World Rookie Fest 2006, where he arrived alone after 36 hours of travelling by airplanes, trains and car…not bad for a rookie! Here is some nice pics and info about Sergey.

Sergey somewhere in Russia

Name: Sergey Lapunsky
Nick name: Lapa
Date of Birth: 23-may-89
Nationality: Russian

Sponsor: S7, Atomic, 686, Swix, Spy
Stance: Regular
Favorite trick: bs7
Highest ranking: 2nd place in Russian Big Air Championship
Favorite Spot: Gorskaia, Novosibirsk
Favorite food&drink: CocaCola and Cheese Burger!!!
Best Music: R’n’B like Lumedee or FatManScoop…and sometimes House
Best Artist: Pi-Man
Best Movie: Chulk Smulk and Green Mile

An interview for a russian television

The event of your dream: Air&Style and the O’Neil SB Jam
Hero of all times: JP Solberg
Slogan: “It’s not me”
Future Projects: I hope to film with the crew of Revision Films

Sergey at Livigno World Rookie Fest 06 and in Russia