Tresten Sweigard (USA)

Tresten is the USA junior freestyle champion 06. Thanks to a super performance at last USA Nationals, he was 1st in the freestyle overall ranking obtaining this very important title. He travel to Europe often to join international competition like the World Rookie Fests in Livigno and Soelden: he entered the finals in both showing his great talent on rails. As you can see from the pics belows his skills on rail are a consequence of his passion for skateboard too.

Tresten on the wall ride at World Rookie Fest Finals 06 in Soelden

Name: Tresten aka Andrisen Sweigard
Nick name: Ace
Date of Birth: 18-february-1991
Nationality: USA

Tresten during the skate session at World Rookie Fest Finals 06 in Soelden

Sponsor: Forum Snowboards, Special Blend Outwear, Out of Bounds
Stance: 18-15
Favorite trick: fs3 indy poke
Highest ranking: 1st place in Freestyle Overall at USA Nationals 06
Favorite Spot: Squaw Valley, California USA

Tresten kick the rail line at World Rookie Fest Finals 06 in Soelden

Favorite food&drink: Sushi and milk
Best Music: Rap
Best Artist: Dr.Dre
Best Movie: Pop

Tresten on the corner jump of the World Rookie Fest Finals 06 in Soelden

The event of your dream: the X-Games
Hero of all times: Terje Haakonsen
Slogan: none
Future Projects: Film some good video parts

Pics by Marco Sampaoli and Luca “Ciccio” Borghetti