Italian Rookie Tour is On

Italy announce a national rookie tour of 3 slope style contest at 1star level to select the best riders for the following 3Stars World Rookie Fest in Livigno (ITA), Neklid (Czech Rep) and Ischgl (Austria). The kick off for italian rookies is fixed for 8.9 december in Schnastal Glacier.

Protest is title sponsor of the Italian Rookie Tour: 3 snowboard competitions to let the best young talents from Italy meet, compete, have fun and win tickets for the european editions of the World Rookie Fests (Livigno.Italia, Neklid.Czec Republic, Ischgl.Austria). All the events will assign points as 1star for TTR World Ranks and for WSF World Rookie Ranks and the end assign a Protest sponsorship for the best rider and the title of Italian Rookie Champion.

Protest Italian Rokie Tour
8-9 december.Val Senales.Slope Style
9-10 febbruary.Polsa di Brentonico.Slope Style
8-9 march.Obereggen.Half Pipe&Slope Style

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