Think Pink: Ruka Girls’ Sessions by Oakley

Finnish Female Riders’ Association has been organizing a happening for girls who love to ride since 2004. It has been since the beginning one of the biggest spring time events in Ruka, with over 70 participating girls.

Ruka is one of the major ski stations in Northern Finland . Three and half days of intensive girl energy bonded together by snowboarding, new school skiing and of course fun before, during and after the half pipes and parks of Ruka. The sessions are coached by our top Finnish female riders and contain coaching/trick school, individual and team competitions and of course after parties and fashion shows.

Snow Hokey by Antti Kangas


Wed 12.3:
19-21 Info night for all who already arrived

Thu 13.3:
11-12.30 Coaching
15-16.30 Coaching
18-20.00 Sport moment (trampoline, football, Pilates, etc)
21-24.00 Sing star night@our base camp Willi´s West

Fri 14.3:
10.30-12.30 Coaching
15-17.00 Sport moment (Stretching, trampoline)
18-21.00 Evening pipe session
23-> Fashion night at restaurant Piste

Sat 15.3
11.30-14.00 Team Contest
15-17.00 Photo shoots
20-22.00 Pre-party at our Base camp Willi´s West
22.30–> Love is in the air Party@ restaurant Piste

Sun 16.3
reserve day

The organizer Noor Vihervaara by Antti Kangas

Saana Penkonen by Antti Kangas

Coaching on Thursday and Friday is for all level of riders who already have basic riding skills in the pocket. There will be many level of groups everything from first jump/rail groups to 540`s from 15m kicker groups. So don’t worry about you’re riding level! Half Pipe session on Friday evening is session style, but we have non-serious competition included. Categories are Hobby, Rookie and Oldster.

Team contest for 3 girl teams will be the final show of the event. It requires much more than just good riding to win this. Tradition is to judge this contest by creative riding lines, attitude, outfits and of course overall show time! Everyone, no mater what you’re riding level is, can enter this competition cause you don´t even have to do any jumps or rails. This is all about having fun!

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