O2 World Rookie Fest in Czech Republic – Day 1

The first day of the O2 World Rookie Fest in Czech Republic hit the half pipe in Klinovec with an amazing 2 hours session dominated by the japanes riders.

Due to how an unexpected poor condition and seven days of hot temperature, the competition move to the resort of Klinovec and the format changed into an halfpipe competition on friday and a jib session on saturday, including in the program an amazing photo shooting around the city of Bozi Dar. The final ranking of the event will result from the combo of the pipe jam and the jib session assigning a ticket to the 4Star Swatch TTR Total Fight and 10 spots to the Voelkl World Rookie Fest in Austria.

Inscription always create problems to the rookies…

The British team searching for the spots in Bozi Dar

With 35 partecipants from 10 to 17 years old coming from Czech, Japan, Nederland, Italy and Great Britain, the first day of the O2 WRF showed an high level halfpipe competition in the first day of the O2 World Rookie Fest. The pipe session was dominated from the japanes riders Yuuki Motoki and Teddy Koo while on the female category Sarka Pancochova from Czech resulted the best. In the grom category the Dan Paulicek from Czech Republic resulted the best.

Bergmann from Czech and Courtier Jones from Great Britain

The spirit of the WRF is not just competition and the evening program bring the whole WRF crew to attack the handrails in Bozy Dar, arranging a nice photo shooting in the mini park realized by the british junior team. Tomorrow we will publish the best pictures coming out of this photo session together with the story of the jib session and the very final ranks of the event.

Skylines around Bozi Dar and starting line

O2 World Rookie Fest in Czech Republic
Half Pipe Session Result

Rank Bib Last Name First Name Nationality
1 12 Pancochova Sarka CZE 28,50
2 49 Fuller Aimee GBR 20,70
3 43 Dvorakova Karolina CZE 11,50
4 57 Maiocco Maria Delfina ITA 5,50

MEN GROM (1993 and up)
Rank Bib Last Name First Name Nationality
1 42 Paulicek Dan CZE 25,60
2 30 Mikyska Martin CZE 25,40
3 15 Courtier-Jones Lewis GBR 23,80
4 17 Smith Will GBR 21,50
5 13 Shackleton Henry GBR 19,10
6 29 Kriz Dusan CZE 18,60
7 60 Macciotta Youri ITA 16,8
8 16 Hunt Thomas GBR 13,20
9 22 Smith James GBR 7,50
10 9 Kaspar Daniel CZE 6,80

MEN ROOKIE (1990-91-92)
Rank Bib Last Name First Name Nationality
1 56 Motoki Yuuki JPN 42,60
2 59 Nakumura Takaaki JPN 35,90
3 14 Bergmann Darek CZE 29,90
4 51 Haas Jan CZE 29,40
5 70 Turnbull Sam GBR 28,10
6 19 Jackson Ollie GBR 25,20
7 55 Van Den Ende Mike NED 24,80
8 26 vyroubal Pavel CZE 23,60
9 50 Noire Matteo ITA 22,80
10 53 Gutwirth Filip CZE 22,50
11 28 Naccari Ruggero ITA 19,10
12 25 Schwarz Patrik CZE 19,00
13 54 Kluivers Mike NED 17,70
14 27 Kaňůrek Martin CZE 16,00
15 24 Lovy Samuel CZE 14,90
16 18 Raper Mark GBR 14,30
17 3 Zibek Jan CZE 13,80
18 23 Horsefield Dean GBR 8,10
19 58 Takaaki Nakumura JPN 7,30