Preliminary Document for WSF General Assembly 08

The prelimanry document for the World Snowboard Federation General Assembly 2008 is ready and avaible for download. Delegates from most of WSF national snowboard associations already confirmed their presence in Saint Raphael for the end of season annual meeting to analyze past and plan future projects.

Download here the preliminary document for WSF General Assembly 2008

Friday 23rd of May.
1400 – 1700 Board meeting
1700 – 1900 New National Snowboard Association presentation to WSF Board Members
2000 – 2200 Social gathering – food

Saturday 24th of May.
0830 – 0900 Welcome – presentation
0900 – 1300 WSF General Assembly 2008 and WSF Strategy for next seasons
1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1630 Presentations by WSF – development of already decided issues like
· Development in Adatptive – how to reach enough program to fullfill requirements from IPC (International Paraolympic Committee
· Rookie (competitions and ranking)
· Other international competitions in WSF
· National ranking
· Membership card development
· Park manual
· Education
· New competition formatsSome on organisational development
· Other items
1630 – 1800 Presentation by NSAs – invite nations to present project to share with other nations
· Could be organised as “Poster presetations” –

1900 Social Dinner

Sunday 25th of May.
0900 – 1100 Time to meet on individual basis and workshops
1100 – 1500 Outdoor activities in the nearby nature – organised by French peopl
1500 Wrap up/ Lunch / departure

Location: Turistic Sport Center in Saint-Raphael, France
Date: from 23rd to 25th of may 2008
Cost: partecipation to WSF GA is free. Cost for accomodation and food (3 meals per day) is 30€.
Nearest international airport: Nice, France (60km from Saint-Raphael)
Private shuttle service and public transport from Nice to Saint-Raphael avaible
For information, inscriptions and booking contact Gunnar Tveit (