World Rookie Fest 2015 – Day 1

World Rookie Fest’s training has started officially! Today the snow has come to welcome the 149 participants to Livigno: despite the limited visibility and windy weather, all rookies and groms could try the obstacles to test speed and landing, also helped by the coloured marks. Mottolino’s shapers once again have been preparing a perfectly shaped park, where kickers and jib areas are alternate to give wings to very exciting slopestyle sessions.

The windiest moments have been cheered up by a walk around the Winter Experience Tour test village down Mottolino’s gondola arrival, where the guys could test equipment and materials from many brands.

The afternoon is going to celebrate the 10 years with ‘A Decade of Rookie Fest’, presented by the Olympic rider Seppe Smits, former WRF rookie. The giant Black Yeti cake will be huge enough for all the hundreds of guys?

Check all the photos of the day on the Facebook Fanpage: World Rookie Fest 2015 – Day 1

Photo Credits: Lorenzo Fizza Verdinelli