World Rookie Tour riders conquer the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015!

Three former World Rookie Tour riders crowded the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 podium, held at Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno, Italy. Sven Thorgren, Tor Lundström and Seppe Smits won the first snowboard podium at the Castle and all of them come from WSF World Rookie Tour.

Sven Thorgren by David Malacrida

Sven was a proper aficionado, as he started participating to World Rookie Tour very early, becoming World Grom Champion 2009 and World Rookie Champion 2012. Tor and Seppe took part several times to World Rookie Tour events: Seppe being at World Rookie Fest in Mottolino Snowpark, Livigno, already at the very first edition in 2006.

About Suzuki Nine Knights, the big news for 2015 was the snowboarding being included in the competition. The Castle was a concept created for media in 2008 and traditionally reserved to freeskiers, but this year the wind changed. This change is as epic as the the Castle itself, for the freestyle at Nine Knights is now complete.

For the fourth time at Mottolino, one of the largest and more comprehensive snowparks in Europe, the Nine Knights show is a proper challenge where 9 riders are invited to do some epic riding over a giant snow structure featuring lots of obstacles such as massive jumps and extreme jibbing. For 2015 a skate mini-ramp was also placed on the top of the Castle, creating such an awesome show!

WorldRookieFinal2009_priceGiving_GromMale_wrf09A young Sven Thorgren

Sven Thorgren stomped massive technical tricks with style, including a Cab 1260 Roastbeef Shifty Shifty, Backside Rodeo 540 Nosegrab, and even a Frontside Triple Cork 1440, a personal first. His fellow Swede, Tor Lundström, whose technical spinning and massive airs impressed the judges. Meanwhile, Seppe Smits rounded out the podium thanks to his smooth style and big spins, including a technical Backside Triple 1440 nose grab, a personal first.


Sven Thorgren (SWE): Frontside Triple Cork 1440 (personal first), Cab 1260 Roastbeef Shifty Shifty, Backside Rodeo 540 Nosegrab

Tor Lundström (SWE): Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute, Fronstide 1440 Mute (personal first day 4), Frontside 360 Stale

Seppe Smits (BEL): Backside Triple 1440 nose (personal first), Cab 1260 mute, Switch Backside 180 Method

About Mottolino Snowpark
Mottolino Fun Mountain is renowned for its snowpark, among the best in Europe, built with passion taking in account obstacle quality as well as riders’ safety and fun. Already theatre of three editions of Burton European Open, seven of Burn River Jump and ten of World Rookie Fest, it is going to host the 4th of Suzuki Nine Knights (5.10 April).The snowpark is extended over a 120,000 m2 area, equal to 30 football pitches. 5 lines for different riding levels are set, from XS to XL, with a snow cover guaranteed all over the season thanks to its snowmaking plants. Official partner of Mottolino snowpark is GoPro. For more info please visit and become our fan at