2016 Indy Park Rookie Fest Report

Only 50 spot for Grom and Rookies: when online registration were opened the Lions Gate’s phone have rung day and night! “Any cancellation today?” was the chorus that we heard by all those who have failed to register in time.. Each Japanese young rider want enter to “Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest”!!


Originally idea was to Lions Gate co-founder “Michiyo Hashimoto”. She was Salt Lake City Half Pipe Olympian and when she retired from scene have decided to realize “Kirara Kamp”, for kids snowboarder. Kirara in Japanese means “Bright Shining”. She wishes that kids have fun and love to snowboarding from the first time. The Camp’s final stage is “Indy Park Jam”. Now they upgrade it like Asian biggest and highest quality Rookie event!


We have opened the training day after 50cm fresh snow falled previous night, but the contest day was with a perfect blue sky. 4 Rookie and 10 Groms Girl and 15 Rookie and 22 Groms Boys turn up to “Nekoma” Ski Resort from all nations.

Local shaper crew, “Pyramid Snowpark Design”, did a good job: they have set up two Kicker Line. The Pro-line with 14 meter Kicker and 10 meter Kicker, Canon box, down box rail, and Kink Down rail. Mid-line with 14 meter and 8 meter kicker, Flat box, down box and down rail until the Red Bull Tent.


Nekoma is the home resort of last season’s Grom Girl Rookie Finals’ Winner: “Reira Iwabuchi”. Reira was the forerunner of the contest and now all kids are pumped. Jam session training jam, two run best count and final stage… The winner of the day!!

Hinari Asanuma (13) from Iwate. B360 -> F360 -> B270 Out -> 50 Sifty -> 50.

Yuuna Komuro (15) from Kanagawa. C540 -> B360 -> 270 in Board Slide -> Transfer 50 -> Front 50.

Youtaro Miyazawa (17) from Tokyo. F1080 -> B1080 -> BS270 Out -> BS270 Board Slide -> 50 Front side 360 Out.

Souta Umehara (14) from Nagano. B900 -> Switch B900 -> BS450 Out -> Cab 180 in 50 to 270 !!

These two girls and two boys received the invitation tickets to Ischgl’s for “2016 Völkl World Rookie Finals”. Last season’s golden ticket Reira Iwabuchi is looking for defending title!

At last, during the award ceremony there was a good Surprise from Nekoma’s manager Mr.Kikuchi: a season lift pass for the winner!!


Big thanks to Burton Japan, Red Bull Japan, IJC-Asia, Pyramid Snowpark Design and Nekoma resort!!

Report by Ishi@JSBA

Photogallery 2016 Indy Park Rookie Fest here

Results Indy Park Rookie Fest 2016

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2015.16 World Rookie Tour – Calendar
South America Rookie Fest (SS) . Valle Nevado, Chile 21.23 August 2015 – DONE
Corvatsch Rookie Fest (SS) . Corvatsch, Swiss . postponed to 17.20 December 2015 – DONE
Iceripper Rookie Fest (HP) . Laax, Swiss 06.09 January 2016 – DONE
World Rookie Fest (SS) . Livigno, Italy 09.14 January 2016 – DONE
Peyragudes Rookie Fest (SS) . Peyragudes, France 21.24 January 2016 – DONE
Transilvania Rookie Fest (SS) . Arena Platos, Romania 05.07 February 2016 – Deleted
Oslo Rookie Fest (SS) . Oslo Vinterpark, Norway 26.28 February 2016 – DONE
Indy Park Rookie Fest (SS) . Nekoma, Japan 27.28 February 2016 – DONE
Trentino Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Monte Bondone, Italy 02.06 March 2016
Bulgarian Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Pamporovo, Bulgaria 15.17 March 2016
Revolution Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Seven Springs Resort, USA 15.16 March 2016
Völkl World Rookie Finals (SS) . Ischgl, Austria 05.10 April 2016
World Rookie Shooting . Mottolino Snowpark, Livigno, Italy. 10.13 Aprile 2016 NEW!