partners with the WSF and World Rookie Tour

World Snowboard Federation and World Rookie Tour are happy to announce that the revolutionary online hub decided to support our initiatives! is designed to fully connect everyone involved with boardsports. Grown from an audience of over 750,000 Facebook fans, this new social network portal provides a space and home for boardriding sports. A bright beasty page that’s there for everyone in the surf-skate-snow scene, it’ll help beginners and major shredders get fully immersed in their passion. February saw the Beta version of Boardriding World launch, allowing users access to this unique space while final development is tweaked to perfection.

What is it?

1. A mega boardsports search engine with over 65,000 pages.
2. A constant feed of clips, news and pics.
3. An exclusive social network for riders.
4. The steeziest place to find worldwide events and live-streaming.
5. A place to show-off, share and celebrate our obsession.


A central hub online where people can find links to their favourite events, tricks, riders, media, brands, spots, local shops and services, photographers, filmmakers, associations and other websites. Simply look up a related topic to get the latest buzz from millions of data entries purely covering these 3 sports. It’s easy to find anything connected to the ride using the main Search on the home page, or choose one of the main sport sections at the top to explore more.

The go to place for a constant round up of all the global happenings, best edits, cool stuff and event victories. Get a general overview on the main page with the Global What’s Up, or follow your favourite elements like mags or riders to tailor the What’s Up entries you see in your profile.
Social Network: Uniting people through boardsports, it’s exclusively designed to connect everyone who celebrates the shred. Social media is crowded with family, classmates & colleagues, so’s narrowed approach provides no fuss sharing with no worry about people outside the life, judging your life.

A place to find and list events going down anywhere in the world, the events section provides all the low-down to take you to the right info around the web. Whether you’re interested in participating or watching, whether it’s pro level or a game of skate at your local park, it’s the place to see what’s on. Check the live streaming page on the App too – coming soon!

Show off and get seen: is geared up for young riders to learn, discover and be inspired. Here to promote and encourage by providing access to connections and information, along with shout- out chances and the space to showcase skills. A positive space that creates opportunities and encourages riders to reach their goals and go for their dreams.

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