Great success for Rookie Fest 2021

Switzerland has hosted the fifth qualification event of the World Rookie Tour Skateboard 2021!

WRT Contest presented by at the Skills Park Tour in Winterthur, was part of the Swiss Skateboard Cup.

You can find the complete gallery on our Facebook fanpage.

Men Ü16
🥇 Sven Kilchenmann
🥈 Fin Broder
🥉 Noel Schaerer

Rookie Men
🥇 Fin Broder
🥈 Noel Schaerer

Grom Boy
🥇 Rocco Müller
🥈 Micha Kowner
🥉 Simon Gerber

🥇 Liv Broder
🥈 Zoe Van Essen
🥉 Bettina Buergi