WRT Riders at the 2023 Swatch Nines

WRT 2023 Champs William Bostadloekken (ski) Daisy Thomas (ski) and Chaeun Lee (snowboard) were in Schilthorn for the incredible Swatch Nines 2023, one of the most prestigious events on the planet. Black Yeti offered them invitations to this iconic event, a once-in-lifetime opportunity to jump into the professional world of snowboarding and freeskiing.

Over 60 athletes participated in this multi-disciplinary meeting: skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and bikers.

The event saw the participation not only of the 2023 WRT Champs, but also others former rookies were in the riders list, such as:

– the MVPs of the Swatch Nines 2023 Fridtjof Tischendorf (WRT Grom Champ in 2011)

– Mia Brooks (WRT Champ in 2022)

– Kirsty Muir (WRT podium in 2018)

– Hiroto Ogiwara (WRT Champ in 2021 and 2022)

– Kuba Hrones (WRT podium in 2022)

Watch out the official event highlight where all our WRT rider are featured here:



Lee Chaeun
William Boastadlokken
Daisy Thomas-Kirsty Muir-Megan Oldham