Swiss Skateboard Cup results

What a success guys the stage in Switzerland which was held in the gigantic skatepark Skills Park in Wintherthur on Saturday 2 September! An incredible event where we were lucky enough to see boys and girls competing very fiercely in both bowl and street competitions.
An important opportunity for these young skaters as the winners won a place for the World Rookie Skateboarding Finals in Prague, from 6 to 8 October, inside the renowned Mystic Cup skatepark.

Swiss Cup Tour Champions


Women Podium

🥇Umay Demin (GER)

🥈Améli Dufay (SUI)

🥉Lela Lela Helfenstein (SUI)

Men Podium

🥇Simon Gerber (SUI)

🥈Vinzenz Hoffmann (GER)

🥉Ruben Guillen Farguharson (SUI)


Grom Women Podium


🥇Umay Demir (GER)

🥈 Lela Helfenstein (GER)

🥉Noor Crevels (FRA)

Grom Men Podium


🥇 Simon Gerber (SUI)

🥈Lenny Jenni (SUI)

🥉Musise Michael (SUI)

Rookie Women Podium

🥇 Liv Broder (SUI)

🥈Elizabeth Grasset (SUI)

🥉Mona Mesotten (SUI)

Rookie Men Podium

🥇 Micha Kowner (Rookie Men)

🥈Rocco Müller (SUI)

🥉Dimitri Pauli (SUI)

Have a look at the complete photo gallery here.