Debrecen World Rookie Tour 2023

The Debrecen World Rookie Tour held in the second biggest city of Hungary, brought together budding skateboarders from all over the country for an unforgettable showdown. Despite the calendar reading autumn, the sweltering heat of summer still clung to the air, making it an even more challenging and exciting event.

Debrecen, known for its vibrant skating community, was the perfect host city for this prestigious event. The competition took place at the brand-new Debrecen skatepark, hailed as Hungary’s largest and finest. The new facility offered not only an incredible street course but also a welcoming atmosphere for skateboarders to connect, learn and compete with each other.

In the end, it was the two-time U14 national champion Olivér Olaszy who emerged victorious, adding another title to his growing list of achievements. His impressive skills, fast pace, balanced and flawless performance were on full display as he took the top spot.

The Debrecen World Rookie Tour skateboarding competition was a resounding success, with a world-class skatepark, scorching summer heat, and enthusiastic participants, it was an event to remember. As the sun set over Debrecen, it marked not only the end of an incredible competition but also the promise of more thrilling WRT events to come in the future.


Grom Boys:

  1. Olivér Olaszy
  2. Jonatán Matolcsy
  3. Zsombor Rozgonyi

Rookie Boys:

  1. Dániel Turbucz
  2. Benedek Radó
  3. Barnabás Bányai

Grom Girl:

  1. Jonka Márki