Day 3 at the Völkl World Rookie Finals

Due to the bad weather condition and the fog, the organization had to cancel the qualification for the rookie girls and the grom girls. The young female riders were motivated and showed that they can have fun also if the visibility is pretty bad. After a session on the jibbing area, they found some plastic mats and everybody had a lot of fun sliding down in the snowpark, even down the spine!


In the afternoon, the riders had the possibility to have a unique experience during the two scheduled workshops. First, rookies and groms had the chance to build a longboard from old snowboards thanks to Ruffboards (more info at, a passionate group of people in collaboration with ex-prisoners from Wien, Austria. They design, produce and sell worldwide their hand-made longboards.

Later in the day, Viva con Agua explained to the rookies and to the groms the importance of water and the problems that some countries have in finding clear and drinkable water.


See you tomorrow in the snowpark for the big final at the Völkl World Rookie Finals in Ischgl.

Stay tuned for more updates to come on our media channels!

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2015.16 World Rookie Tour – Calendar
South America Rookie Fest (SS) . Valle Nevado, Chile 21.23 August 2015 – DONE
Corvatsch Rookie Fest (SS) . Corvatsch, Swiss . postponed to 17.20 December 2015 – DONE
Iceripper Rookie Fest (HP) . Laax, Swiss 06.09 January 2016 – DONE
World Rookie Fest (SS) . Livigno, Italy 09.14 January 2016 – DONE
Peyragudes Rookie Fest (SS) . Peyragudes, France 21.24 January 2016 – DONE
Transilvania Rookie Fest (SS) . Arena Platos, Romania 05.07 February 2016 – Deleted
Oslo Rookie Fest (SS) . Oslo Vinterpark, Norway 26.28 February 2016 – DONE
Indy Park Rookie Fest (SS) . Nekoma, Japan 27.28 February 2016 – DONE
Trentino Rookie Fest (SS) . Monte Bondone, Italy 02.06 March 2016 – DONE
Bulgarian Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Pamporovo, Bulgaria 15.17 March 2016 – Deleted
Revolution Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Seven Springs Resort, USA 15.16 March 2016 – DONE
Völkl World Rookie Finals (SS) . Ischgl, Austria 05.10 April 2016
World Rookie Shooting . Mottolino Snowpark, Livigno, Italy. 10.13 Aprile 2016 NEW!